[{"ConventionSpeakerId":1809,"SpeakerName":"Doug Batchelor","SpeakerFirstName":"Doug","SpeakerLastName":"Batchelor","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Doug Batchelor is the president of Amazing Facts and the senior pastor at the Sacramento Central Church. His Central Study Hour and Amazing Facts Presents Bible programs appear daily on national TV and satellite networks. He also hosts the popular Bible Answers Live call-in radio program on Sunday nights, which airs across North America on more than 325 stations. His down-to-earth approach and spontaneous humor allow him to communicate with the religious and secular alike. He has a growing passion to reach younger audiences. He and his wife, Karen, have five children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1819,"SpeakerName":"Conna Bond (With Dick Duerksen & Terry Benedict)","SpeakerFirstName":"Conna Bond (With Dick Duerksen & Terry","SpeakerLastName":"Benedict)","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Conna Bond (With Dick Duerksen & Terry Benedict) is the communication director for ASI National. She has a degree in law, and originally intended to pursue a career in corporate law. She followed her convictions, however, to stay home and raise her four children, where she began taking on freelance writing and editing projects that eventually led her squarely into the field of communication. She has invited other communication professionals to join her in sharing their best practical communication advice with ASI members and ministries.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1826,"SpeakerName":"Fred Bischoff","SpeakerFirstName":"Fred","SpeakerLastName":"Bischoff","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Fred Bischoff, MD, is a preventive medicine physician on the clinical faculty of the Schools of Medicine and Public Health at Loma Linda University. He serves on the boards of three nonprofit organiza-tions that collaborate with the Adventist Church, and is the secretary for Health Ministry Founda-tion, Inc., which sponsors health, education, publishing and evangelism work around the world. Since the late 1980s, he has been studying the relationship between Adventist history and Bible prophecy, and has written and presented many seminars. His favorite topics are the simplicity and faith of Jesus.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1833,"SpeakerName":"Stephen Bohr","SpeakerFirstName":"Stephen","SpeakerLastName":"Bohr","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Stephen Bohr was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents served as missionaries. He has served as a pastor, theology professor, youth counselor, and evangelist for more than 30 years. His travels take him around the globe presenting seminars and lectures. He teaches at the Amaz-ing Facts College of Evangelism and produces programming for 3ABN and the Hope Channel. Presently, he is the speaker/director for Secrets Unsealed and pastor of the Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. He and his wife, Aurora, have two children—Stephen and Jennifer.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1830,"SpeakerName":"John Bradshaw","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Bradshaw","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Bradshaw became the fourth speaker/director for It Is Written at the begin-ning of 2011. His broadcasting career began in his home country of New Zealand, where he worked as a disc jockey on a number of the nation’s top radio stations. He left this job in 1990—propelled by a desire to find Bible-based truth and a deeper Christian experience. After receiving a copy of the book The Great Controversy, he knew he’d found something special. Six months later he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He met his soon-to-be-wife, Melissa, at church, and soon after their wedding, he began working as an evangelist for Amazing Facts. After 12 years, the family—which now included son Jacob and daughter Shannon—decided to put down roots. In the years that followed, Pastor Bradshaw served as pastor of the Lexington (Ky.) Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Village Church in College Place, Washington. During his 15 years of pastoral ministry, Pastor Bradshaw has held more than 80 evangelistic series. For him, nothing matches the joy of introducing others to Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1824,"SpeakerName":"David Derose","SpeakerFirstName":"David","SpeakerLastName":"Derose","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"David Derose is a board certified specialist in both internal and preventive medicine. He holds a master’s degree in public health from Loma Linda University with an emphasis in health promotion and education. He is a faculty member at Weimar College and a physician with Weimar’s NEWSTART program. His medical research emphasizing lifestyle connections with health and non-drug strategies for illness has been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Annals of Epidemiology, and Preventive Medicine. Known for his ability to clearly communicate complex medical subjects to the public, Dr. DeRose has helped thousands improve their health through seminars, workshops, written publications, and radio and television programming. He is married to his wife of 22 years, Sonja Brandt DeRose, MD. They have three teenage children—Angela, Victor, and Michael.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1818,"SpeakerName":"Steve Dickman","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Dickman","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steve Dickman Steve and his wife, Brenda, have partnered in the educational sup-porting ministry work at Harbert Hills Acad-emy for the past 20 years, where he currently serves as president. Steve has served in the leadership of the Southern Union Chapter of ASI for about 15 years. He is presently the vice president for membership for ASI National. One of his passions is to see ministries grow and mature in the best ways possible.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1825,"SpeakerName":"Diana Fleming","SpeakerFirstName":"Diana","SpeakerLastName":"Fleming","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Diana Fleming, PhD, is a nutritionist and coauthor of The New York Times best seller The Full Plate Diet, as well as co-devel-oper of The Full Plate Diet Weight Loss Program. For the past nine years, she has served as the director of nutritional services at the Lifestyle Center of America in Oklahoma. Diana has an enthusiastic personality and she loves meeting people where they are and providing them with simple, realistic steps to permanently lose weight and improve their health.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1810,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier was born and raised in a French Canadian home. He gave his heart to Jesus when he was 25 years old and never looked back. He served as president of Woodland Park Foundation in Northern Ontario, Canada, taught Bible at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia, and served with his wife, Janet, in Africa for ten years where he directed Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. He also served as executive vice president for Outpost Centers International, and is currently the president of Eden Valley Institute in Loveland, Colorado. His education was received in the school of Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1811,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier was born and raised in a French Canadian home. He gave his heart to Jesus when he was 25 years old and never looked back. He served as president of Woodland Park Foundation in Northern Ontario, Canada, taught Bible at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia, and served with his wife, Janet, in Africa for ten years where he directed Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. He also served as executive vice president for Outpost Centers International, and is currently the president of Eden Valley Institute in Loveland, Colorado. His education was received in the school of Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1814,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier was born and raised in a French Canadian home. He gave his heart to Jesus when he was 25 years old and never looked back. He served as president of Woodland Park Foundation in Northern Ontario, Canada, taught Bible at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia, and served with his wife, Janet, in Africa for ten years where he directed Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. He also served as executive vice president for Outpost Centers International, and is currently the president of Eden Valley Institute in Loveland, Colorado. His education was received in the school of Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1823,"SpeakerName":"Dan Gabbert","SpeakerFirstName":"Dan","SpeakerLastName":"Gabbert","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dan Gabbert has been in ministry for more than 24 years. He is currently working as the mental/spiritual wellness coach at the Black Hills Health & Education Center in Hermosa, South Dakota. Dan and his wife, Patsy, provide practical mental and spiritual health tools to heal the hurting lives of wellness guests who come to BHHEC from throughout North America in search of physical, mental, and spiritual restoration.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1831,"SpeakerName":"Pavel Goia","SpeakerFirstName":"Pavel","SpeakerLastName":"Goia","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Pavel Goia knew at a young age that God had called him to ministry. Being born and raised in communist Romania didn’t make following that calling an easy task. After drifting during his teen years, his life took a proverbial turn and he promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was tested almost immediately. The events that ensued are chronicled in the book, One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story, by Gregg Budd. He pursued careers in engineering, private business, and law before finally settling back into his calling as a minister. Today, he pastors the Lexington (Ky.) Seventh-day Adventist Church and is a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the North American Division, as well as a doctoral candidate at Andrews University. His life continues to be one miracle after another.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1832,"SpeakerName":"Clifford Goldstein","SpeakerFirstName":"Clifford","SpeakerLastName":"Goldstein","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Clifford Goldstein has been the editor of the quarterly Adult Bible Study Guides since 1999. He has also served as editor of Liberty magazine and associate director for the NAD Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty. He is perhaps best known for his thought-provoking books and presenta-tions in which he examines hard questions, revealing both the real issues and some surprisingly solid answers. He and his wife, Kimberly, have two children—Zachary and Hannah.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1817,"SpeakerName":"Chester Clark III","SpeakerFirstName":"Chester Clark","SpeakerLastName":"III","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Chester Clark III has been actively and closely involved with ASI for the past decade, serving both as vice president for youth evangelism and general vice president. He is active ineducation and youth evangelism, teaching for 14 years at Ouachita Hills Academy & College, organizing the ASI Youth For Jesus program, and speaking around the globe. His burden is to see young people passionate about and rightly trained in communicating the end-time message, regardless of their career or profession.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1835,"SpeakerName":"Gerald Klingbell","SpeakerFirstName":"Gerald","SpeakerLastName":"Klingbell","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Gerald Klingbell is the associate editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World. Gerald earned post-graduate degrees in Old Testament studies, and has served the church as a university teacher and pastor in Peru, Argentina, and the Philippines. He joined the editorial team at Adventist Review/Adventist World in 2009.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1834,"SpeakerName":"Bill Knott","SpeakerFirstName":"Bill","SpeakerLastName":"Knott","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Bill Knott is the editor and publisher of Adventist Review and Adventist World. Before joining the Adventist Review team in 1997, Bill was a pastor for 18 years, serving congre-gations in New England, Michigan, New York and Washington State. He earned a PhD in American Religious History in 2006.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1836,"SpeakerName":"Kelly Mowrer","SpeakerFirstName":"Kelly","SpeakerLastName":"Mowrer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Kelly Mowrer is a speaker, writer, and concert pianist. She has coordinated and played music for many worldwide telecasts, and hosts two programs on 3ABN—Praise and His Words Are Life. She is also a script-writer for The Quiet Hour’s Windows of Hope telecast, and directs Live at the Well, a ministry she founded to encourage others in the joy of practical, vital friendship with God. With over 15 years in full time ministry, Kelly conducts seminars at churches, conference retreats, and camp meetings around the country. She lives with her husband and two sons in Collegedale, Tennessee.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1813,"SpeakerName":"Ivor Myers","SpeakerFirstName":"Ivor","SpeakerLastName":"Myers","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ivor Myers was part of a four-man hip hop group when he encountered the Word of God and walked away from the entertainment industry. Today he is the pastor of Templeton Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in California. He is also the speaker/director for Power of the Lamb Ministries, which uplifts Christ as the only hope of salvation. Ivor and his wife, Atonte, cohost Battles of Faith, a program on 3ABN. Their ministry has had a profound impact on the lives of young people.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1822,"SpeakerName":"Neil Nedley","SpeakerFirstName":"Neil","SpeakerLastName":"Nedley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Neil Nedley is the president of Weimar Institute and a physician who specializes in preventive medicine, mental health, and the difficult to diagnose patient. He is the founder and author of the widely acclaimed Nedley Depression Recovery Program and the author of many books on a variety of health-related topics. He has lectured and taught extensively around the globe on nutrition and lifestyle. Dr. Nedley and his wife, Erica, have four sons Joel, Allen, Nathan, and Justin.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1812,"SpeakerName":"Matt Parra","SpeakerFirstName":"Matt","SpeakerLastName":"Parra","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Matt Parra is part of the ministry team at Light Bearers Ministry, which recently merged with ARISE Institute, an evangelism, discipleship, and training school. He as been traveling and preaching for Christ since he was baptized in 1999 as the result of the ASI Youth For Jesus initiative. He currently lives and works in Sonora with his wife and ministry partner, Sherise","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1829,"SpeakerName":"James Rafferty","SpeakerFirstName":"James","SpeakerLastName":"Rafferty","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"James Rafferty is co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry, a supportive evangelistic publishing ministry that has printed over 550 million pieces of literature in over 30 languages for worldwide evangelism. Since becoming a Christian at the age of 21, James has sensed God’s calling in his life to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. He has conducted seminars on Daniel and Revelation for hundreds of pastors from every Christian denomination, and is a featured speaker on 3ABN, a worldwide satellite television ministry. He has been married for 21 years to his wonderful wife, Risë. They have two children—Jeiel and Kierra.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1828,"SpeakerName":"Jeffrey Rosario","SpeakerFirstName":"Jeffrey","SpeakerLastName":"Rosario","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jeffrey Rosario is from Miami, Florida. In 1999, at the age of 17, he became a Christian after an encounter with the Bible. Jeffrey has been involved in full-time ministry ever since, preaching and teaching around the world. He is a speaker for Light Bearers Ministry.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1815,"SpeakerName":"Lyndi Schwartz","SpeakerFirstName":"Lyndi","SpeakerLastName":"Schwartz","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Lyndi Schwartz is an internal medicine physician practicing in Kettering, Ohio. Bible study is one of her many hobbies, along with running. She has taught a vibrant adult Sabbath school class for the past 15 years, and is also active as a speaker and writer for Adventist publications. She and her husband of 21 years have attended ASI conventions for the past decade. She’s proud to have an identical twin named Andi.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1821,"SpeakerName":"Michael Tuazon","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Tuazon","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael Tuazon is the evangelism director for SOULS West, a school of evange-lism sponsored by the Pacific Union Confer-ence. He has been actively involved with Generation of Youth for Christ and The Josiah Ministry. He is passionate about sharing Christ in the marketplace.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1838,"SpeakerName":"Edgar and Judith Vyhmeister","SpeakerFirstName":"Edgar and Judith","SpeakerLastName":"Vyhmeister","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Edgar and Judith Vyhmeister Edgar O. Vyhmeister, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, and his wife, Judith C. Vyhmeister, MD, a psychiatrist, live in Sonora, Califor-nia. In 1989, they became acquainted with the deeper principles of the marriage relationship as taught in Scripture through a seminar taught by Ken Nair of Phoenix, Arizona. Applying these principles had such a profound impact on their marriage that they began sharing them with others. They have led couples’ groups for the last 10 years at their local church and have had great joy in seeing God restore marriages as the prin-ciples are applied through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their grown son, Bryan, and his wife, Susanne, have three children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1827,"SpeakerName":"Barbara Watson","SpeakerFirstName":"Barbara","SpeakerLastName":"Watson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Barbara Watson is the creator/director of the StepFast Lifestyle DVD Series, an interactive tool designed to facilitate health ministry in the local church and community. Author of the companion Total Vegetarian Cookbook, Barbara trains others to lead out in health education, one of the most relevant and effective methods of evangelism today.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1816,"SpeakerName":"Ted N.C. Wilson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ted N.C.","SpeakerLastName":"Wilson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ted N.C. Wilson was elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church in July 2010. As the son of former General Conference President Neal C. Wilson, he spent part of his childhood in Egypt. As well as being an ordained minister, he holds a doctoral degree in religious education, a master of divinity degree, and a master of science degree in public health. He is leading a worldwide church initiative that emphasizes revival and reformation. He has a deep appreciation for the importance of lay-driven evangelism.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1837,"SpeakerName":"Adrian Zahid","SpeakerFirstName":"Adrian","SpeakerLastName":"Zahid","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Adrian Zahid is the former associate director of Advent HOPE Sabbath School, a ministry of Loma Linda University Church. He enjoys church planting, preaching, and leading young adult organizations to design solutions for hard issues. In his free time, he works at his marketing firm as a consultant for dental and law practices.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1820,"SpeakerName":"Ed Zinke","SpeakerFirstName":"Ed","SpeakerLastName":"Zinke","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ed Zinke is an active Adventist theologian and businessman who has published numerous articles and books, including the first quarter 2010 Sabbath School quarterly and its accompanying book, The Certainty of the Second Coming. He’s a doctoral candidate in systematic theology at the Catholic University of America. He served for almost two decades as the associate director for the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference. He also served as president of Ann’s House of Nuts, an international food company, until 2008, when he and his wife sold the company. He’s on the Board of Trustees for Andrews and Oakwood Universities, and serves on numerous commit-tees for a variety of Adventist entities and institutions. He is co-founder, past president, and current treasurer for the Adventist Theological Society. He’s active in the Spencer-ville (Md.) Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he teaches an adult Sabbath school class. He and his wife, Ann, have two sons and seven grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2011,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:32"}]