[{"ConventionSpeakerId":1757,"SpeakerName":"Doug Batchelor","SpeakerFirstName":"Doug","SpeakerLastName":"Batchelor","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Doug Batchelor is the president and speaker for Amazing Facts Ministries and the senior pastor of the Sacramento Central Church. His biblical teaching programs can be seen daily on national television cable networks and globally by satellite. He also hosts the Bible Answers Live call-in radio program heard every Sunday night across North America on more than 325 radio stations. He is the author of numerous articles and several books, including The Richest Caveman: The Doug Batchelor Story; Caveman Theology; Broken Chains, Beyond Mercy, At Jesus’ Feet, Who Do You Think You Are? and Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. Pastor Doug is a man of vision and deep spirituality, yet his down-to-earth approach and spontaneous humor enable him to communicate with both Christian and secular audiences. He enjoys flying, scuba diving, riding quads, and playing guitar. He and his wife, Karen, have five children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0615/Batchelor_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1761,"SpeakerName":"Randy Bivens","SpeakerFirstName":"Randy","SpeakerLastName":"Bivens","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Randy Bivens, MD, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, then completed an internal medicine internship and diagnostic radiology residency. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology. He currently works part-time in radiology and full-time in lifestyle medicine. He is president of three corporations, board member for several non-profits, and executive vice–president of Life and Health Network.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0620/Bivens_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1773,"SpeakerName":"John Bradshaw","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Bradshaw","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Bradshaw is the speaker/director for It Is Written. His broadcasting career began in his home country of New Zealand, where he worked as a disc jockey for some of the nation’s top radio stations. Propelled by his desire to find Bible-based truth and a deeper Christian experience, he left that job in 1990. Six months after receiving a copy of the book The Great Controversy, he was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church where he met Melissa, his future wife. After their marriage, John worked for 12 years as a full-time public evangelist, presenting more than 80 evangelistic series. Wishing to put down roots, John pastored in Lexington, Kentucky, and College Place, Washington, before taking his current post with It Is Written in 2011. He speaks and presents evangelistic series around the world on behalf of It Is Written, as well as overseeing other projects including Escrito Está, It Is Written’s worldwide Spanish-language outreach; the weekly It Is Written television program, seen in more than 143 countries and now available on Sundays in the United States on the Discovery Channel; a weekly Bible radio broadcast; the My Place With Jesus Bible study website for kids; and the Eyes for India humanitarian project. He and Melissa have a son, Jacob, and a daughter, Shannon.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0670/Bradshaw_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1748,"SpeakerName":"C.D. Brooks","SpeakerFirstName":"C.D.","SpeakerLastName":"Brooks","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"C.D. Brooks is a well-known evangelist and founder of the Breath of Life television ministry. He held his first evangelistic campaign in the early 1950s. In the summer of 1964, he led a major tent campaign in Philadelphia during the “long, hot summer” of urban rioting, defying a plea from the mayor to shut down, and baptizing nearly 300 people. While serving as associate secretary for the General Conference Ministerial Association, he fearlessly preached the Adventist message around the globe. Since retiring in 1996, Elder Brooks has been serving as a part-time chaplain for the North American Division. He has been married for 60 years to his wife, Walterene. They have two children and three grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0692/Brooks_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1750,"SpeakerName":"C.D. Brooks","SpeakerFirstName":"C.D.","SpeakerLastName":"Brooks","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"C.D. Brooks is a well-known evangelist and founder of the Breath of Life television ministry. He held his first evangelistic campaign in the early 1950s. In the summer of 1964, he led a major tent campaign in Philadelphia during the “long, hot summer” of urban rioting, defying a plea from the mayor to shut down, and baptizing nearly 300 people. While serving as associate secretary for the General Conference Ministerial Association, he fearlessly preached the Adventist message around the globe. Since retiring in 1996, Elder Brooks has been serving as a part-time chaplain for the North American Division. He has been married for 60 years to his wife, Walterene. They have two children and three grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0692/Brooks_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1755,"SpeakerName":"Zeno Charles-Marcel","SpeakerFirstName":"Zeno","SpeakerLastName":"Charles-Marcel","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Zeno Charles-Marcel is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology (with honors) and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0625/Marcel_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1762,"SpeakerName":"Zeno Charles-Marcel","SpeakerFirstName":"Zeno","SpeakerLastName":"Charles-Marcel","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Zeno Charles-Marcel is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology (with honors) and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0625/Marcel_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1744,"SpeakerName":"Grace Daley","SpeakerFirstName":"Grace","SpeakerLastName":"Daley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Grace Daley was a leading scorer at Tulane University in basketball (male or female) and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005. She played in the WNBA and on various professional teams in Spain, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. She led the Italian professional league in scoring, was named the French League's Most Valuable Player, and was a Euroleague All-Star selection. After her conversion, she went on to develop a winning strategy for spiritual and physical fitness. Grace currently lives, works, and reaches people for Christ in the Ocala, Florida, area. You won't want to miss this special presentation.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0697/GraceDaley_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1760,"SpeakerName":"David Derose","SpeakerFirstName":"David","SpeakerLastName":"Derose","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"David Derose, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine and preventive medicine specialist. He works with Weimar’s NEWSTART program and is a faculty member at both Weimar College and the new H.E.A.L.T.H. program (Health Evangelism and Leadership Training for Him). Dr. DeRose’s passion is connecting health ministry with the gospel—revealing God’s loving health instruction to bless His children as opposed to presenting restrictive health rules or dictums.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0610/DeRose_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1759,"SpeakerName":"Nelson Ernst","SpeakerFirstName":"Nelson","SpeakerLastName":"Ernst","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Nelson Ernst is the co-founder and leading director of GLOW, a literature distribution ministry that started in California and has spread across the globe, printing nearly 30 million tracts since its inception in 2007. Nelson is an energy-filled speaker who has up-to-date outreach stories and training tips to help activate church members young and old.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0605/Ernest_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1747,"SpeakerName":"Mark Finley","SpeakerFirstName":"Mark","SpeakerLastName":"Finley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Mark Finley is a former speaker/director for It Is Written, a retired General Conference vice president, and a still-active evangelist who has presented more than 150 evangelistic series in more than 80 countries, as well 17 NET series broadcast throughout the world. He presents regularly at conventions, field schools, and evangelism institutes, and appears on the Hope Channel series Experience Hope. He has written more than 70 books, writes Bible studies for Adventist World magazine, and is the author of Revival and Reformation (Quarter 3, 2013, lesson quarterly). He and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie,“ have three grown children: Deborah, Rebecca, and Mark Jr.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0702/Mark_Finley_medium.jpg","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1751,"SpeakerName":"Mark Finley","SpeakerFirstName":"Mark","SpeakerLastName":"Finley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Mark Finley is a former speaker/director for It Is Written and vice president of evangelism for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Previously, he served asgeneral field secretary at the Adventist world headquarters, where he directed the Center for Global Evangelism. Evangelism is where Finley made his mark on the world, presenting more than 150 evangelistic meeting series in about 80 countries with baptisms numbering in the thousands. He is best known as a television speaker for Experience Hope, It Is Written, and numerous NET evangelismsatellite broadcast series. He continues to preach and teach others at seminars, field schools and evangelism training centers. He has written more than 70 books and writes a monthly Bible study for Adventist World. Finley and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie,” have been a ministry team for many years and are the parents of three grown children: Deborah, Rebecca and Mark Jr. They have two grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0702/Mark_Finley_medium.jpg","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1742,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier is French Canadian and was born into a Roman Catholic home. He joined the Adventist Church when he was 27 years old and started working with supporting ministries in March of 1975. For five years, he served as president of Woodland Park Foundation, a supporting ministry in South River, Ontario, Canada, He then taught Bible for two years at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia. In 1987, he and his family moved to Zambia, Africa, where he served for six years as director of Riverside Farm Institute. In 1997, he and his wife, Janet, began serving with Outpost Centers International, where Frank served for five years as executive vice-president. He has been president of Eden Valley Institute since 2003 and has led ASI as president since 2011.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0006/5923/Frank_Fournier_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1743,"SpeakerName":"Ty Gibson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ty","SpeakerLastName":"Gibson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ty Gibson is co-director/speaker of Light Bearers, an international publishing and media ministry that provides shipments of truth-filled literature to the church in developing countries. Light Bearers has put into circulation more than 400 million gospel publications in over 30 languages. Ty is seen weekly on 3ABN, leading viewers through the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as well as other biblical books. He has authored eight books, including the bestsellers See With New Eyes, An Endless Falling in Love, and his newest release, A God Named Desire. Ty lives in Oregon with his wife, Sue.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0707/Gibson_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1745,"SpeakerName":"Pavel Goia","SpeakerFirstName":"Pavel","SpeakerLastName":"Goia","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Pavel Goia knew at a young age that God had called him to ministry. Born and raised in communist Romania, he didn't find it easy to follow that calling. After drifting during his teenage years, his life took a proverbial turn, and he promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was tested almost immediately. The events that ensued are chronicled in the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story, by Gregg Budd. Pavel pursued careers in engineering, private business, and law before finally settling into his calling as a minister. Today he pastors the Lexington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and is a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the North American Division, as well as a doctoral candidate at Andrews University. His life continues to be one miracle after another.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0712/Goia_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1769,"SpeakerName":"Mike Hamblin","SpeakerFirstName":"Mike","SpeakerLastName":"Hamblin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Mike Hamblin is a Michigan attorney with a boutique business law practice focused on representing businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations in business and commercial litigation cases, as well as in a wide variety of transactional and contract matters. Mr. Hamblin is a graduate of Andrews University and earned his law degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0722/Hamblin_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1767,"SpeakerName":"Greg Hamilton","SpeakerFirstName":"Greg","SpeakerLastName":"Hamilton","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Greg Hamilton is president of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA), a non-partisan government relations and workplace mediation services program that champions religious freedom and human rights for all people and institutions of faith in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. In 2010, Greg and his team successfully spearheaded the effort to pass the Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act. Greg did his graduate work at the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor University and wrote the seminal work “Sandra Day O’Connor’s Judicial Philosophy on the Role of Religion in Public Life.” Greg writes articles and presents lectures all over the world. Greg lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his wife, Laura.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0635/Hamilton_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1765,"SpeakerName":"Michael Hasel","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Hasel","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael Hasel, PHD, is professor of Near Eastern studies and archaeology at Southern Adventist University, as well director of SAU's Institute of Archaeology and Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum. He has published widely and has appeared on documentaries for Anchor Point Films, National Geographic, the Hope Channel, and 3ABN. Most recently, he spoke on archaeology and the Bible for the NET 2011 series that broadcast throughout North America.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0640/Hasel_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1753,"SpeakerName":"Andi Hunsaker","SpeakerFirstName":"Andi","SpeakerLastName":"Hunsaker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Andi Hunsaker and her husband, Bob, are both physicians and graduates of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. They make their home in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Andi practices medicine full-time at a major teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a regular Sabbath school teacher in her home church in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and has a passion for the Word of God.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0990/Andi_Hunsaker_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1774,"SpeakerName":"Anil Kanda","SpeakerFirstName":"Anil","SpeakerLastName":"Kanda","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Anil Kanda is a former Hindu with a Sikh background. Approximately 11 years ago, someone shared end-time prophecies with him, and he was transformed by the beautiful truths of God's Word. Anil has been involved in evangelism in many parts of the world and currently works as a pastor. You'll love his energetic approach to the Bible and his deep, provocative insights into life's toughest problems. Learn to share in the most precarious and challenging situations, making no apologies for what you believe!","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0665/kanda_anil_medium.jpg","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1746,"SpeakerName":"Justin Kim","SpeakerFirstName":"Justin","SpeakerLastName":"Kim","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Justin Kim serves as the communication and Sabbath school director and associate director for Public Campus Ministries for the Michigan Conference. He graduated from a Catholic high school and the Jewish-sponsored Brandeis University with degrees in sociology and biology before working in medical research at Harvard Medical School. Having received graduate training in Christian philosophy and theology at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, he has served as a missionary, a pastor of several churches, and a co-founder of the GYC movement.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0717/Kim_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1758,"SpeakerName":"Bill Krick","SpeakerFirstName":"Bill","SpeakerLastName":"Krick","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Bill Krick has served for the past 14 years as the Literature Ministries director for Central California Conference, the cradle of California Youth Rush and GLOW programs. His great-great-grandfather became a Seventh-day Adventist when a faithful worker made a personal visit. For 22 consecutive summers, Bill has engaged in soul-winning literature work. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather, and two daughters, Savannah and Heidi.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0600/BILL_KRICK_medium.jpg","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1771,"SpeakerName":"Wendell Lawrence","SpeakerFirstName":"Wendell","SpeakerLastName":"Lawrence","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Wendell Lawrence, DDS, has been in practice as a dentist for more than 30 years in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Because of his passion for medical ministry, he holds weekly nutritional and Bible study classes for his patients and their family and friends. Dr. Lawrence has had tremendous success in his outreach efforts. He attributes that success to always putting God first in business and in ministry. He also credits his loving wife, Linda, who is his business and ministry partner.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0655/Lawrence_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1749,"SpeakerName":"Don Mackintosh","SpeakerFirstName":"Don","SpeakerLastName":"Mackintosh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Don Mackintosh is the health evangelism leadership program director and campus chaplain at Weimar Institute. Don’s wide experience in the health field and his commitment to evangelism informs him as he instruct students how to use health as the entering wedge for the gospel. A former emergency room nurse and pastor, he helped to develop and host a half-hour program, “Health for a Lifetime,” that aired on 3ABN. He also developed the “From Health to Him” seminar, and authored the “What’s the Connection?” DVD series. He has also developed a new series of studies on Daniel and Revelation, and the sanctuary, as well as putting together “Gospel Workers“ training course. Don’s enthusiasm for ministry endears him to his students. His wife, Luminitsa, is originally from Romania, and they have four children: Elizabeth, Katherine, Donald, and James.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0995/Don_Mackintosh_small.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1772,"SpeakerName":"Scott Mayer","SpeakerFirstName":"Scott","SpeakerLastName":"Mayer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Scott Mayer was raised in an Adventist home in Paradise, California. He attended film school in college with high hopes of fulfilling his dream of working in the film and television business. Shortly after leaving college, he packed his bags and headed to tinsel town where he quickly found a job working as a cameraman in television. It didn't take long before the lures of the Hollywood lifestyle led Scott completely away from anything to do with God. He lived his life in the fast lane until God sent the right people at the right time to call him away from his destructive path. As a result of being asked to speak at a youth rally about his experience in Hollywood, “Battlefield Hollywood“ was born—a presentation that takes an in-depth look at the effects media has on our minds and at how the devil is using the entertainment business to deceive many.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0675/Mayer_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1764,"SpeakerName":"Norman Mcnulty","SpeakerFirstName":"Norman","SpeakerLastName":"Mcnulty","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Norman Mcnulty, MD, is a board-certified neurologist practicing in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Prior to starting his neurology practice, he served for two years as a missionary at the Adventist hospital in Trinidad. He trained at Loma Linda University. He enjoys studying and speaking about prophecy in his free time. He has also been involved in several young adult ministries in the United States. He is married to Joelle, and they have one daughter, Saralyn.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0645/McNulty_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1770,"SpeakerName":"Radim Passer","SpeakerFirstName":"Radim","SpeakerLastName":"Passer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Radim Passer is a chairman of the board of PASSERINVEST GROUP, which has ranked among the most recognized development companies on the Czech market ever since Radim accepted Jesus to his life in 1998. He founded Maranatha organization in 2002. Radim is married and has two sons, Radim and Samuel.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0875/Passer_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1752,"SpeakerName":"G. Edward Reid","SpeakerFirstName":"G. Edward","SpeakerLastName":"Reid","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"G. Edward Reid is assistant to the president for Planned Giving for Adventist World Radio. He is the former stewardship director for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. He is also an ordained minister and licensed attorney. Ed has done considerable study on the topics of Christian money management and eschatology, and has written and taught extensively on these subjects. His books, It’s Your Money, Isn’t It?, Even At The Door, Sunday’s Coming, and Ready or Not have all been best-sellers at Adventist Book Center stores and outlets. He has also been the general editor for the new “Faith and Finance” materials. Elder Reid and his wife, Kathy Randolph Reid, have two grown children, Andrew and Melissa.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0985/Ed_Reid_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1763,"SpeakerName":"Jay Sutliffe","SpeakerFirstName":"Jay","SpeakerLastName":"Sutliffe","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jay Sutliffe, PHD, is a professor in the Health Sciences Department at Northern Arizona University. He holds degrees in food & nutrition/dietetics, health education, and public health, and is also a registered dietitian with more than 25 years of experience. He and his wife, Chloe, have owned two restaurants/health food store operations and have a passion to assist people of all ages in living an abundant life.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0630/Sutliffe_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1768,"SpeakerName":"Barbara Taylor","SpeakerFirstName":"Barbara","SpeakerLastName":"Taylor","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Barbara Taylor attended the University of Denver and has been in sales and marketing for the past 30 years. Her sales and marketing experience has covered the hotel industry, General Mills, Lord Jeff Sportswear, Barlo Inc., Preco, and Between U.N.Me, Inc. She taught a course at the University of Colorado in Professional Women in Sales and Marketing. She was selected by Corporate Connection Magazine as one of “Six Women to Watch“ in the 90s. Barbara resides in Copper Mountain, Colorado, where she is helping to plant a church.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0650/Taylor_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1775,"SpeakerName":"Dwayne Turner","SpeakerFirstName":"Dwayne","SpeakerLastName":"Turner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dwayne Turner serves as a pastor in the Northeastern Conference. Pastor Turner has presented in-depth prophecy seminars throughout the United States and in many countries abroad, including England, Ghana, Canada, Jamaica, Aruba, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and most recently Indonesia. He currently pastors the Heritage Seventh-day Adventist Church in Queens, New York, and the New Jerusalem Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hempstead, New York. He and his wife, Jackie, have three children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0660/Turner_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1766,"SpeakerName":"Lewis Walton","SpeakerFirstName":"Lewis","SpeakerLastName":"Walton","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world, from Perth, Australia, to Moscow. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and a year later the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0748/Walton_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1756,"SpeakerName":"Edgar M. Williams","SpeakerFirstName":"Edgar M.","SpeakerLastName":"Williams","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Edgar M. Williams is the owner/operator of a home inspection company and radon testing lab. He drifted away from the church for 42 years, but through tragedy God's hand led him home. In 2008, he founded FARM (Former Adventist Recovery Ministries) to fill a ministry void in the church. He is married with three children and four grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/0911/Williams_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1754,"SpeakerName":"Ted N.C. Wilson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ted N.C.","SpeakerLastName":"Wilson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ted N.C. Wilson was elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church in July 2010. Pastor Wilson began his church career in 1974 as a pastor in the Greater New York Conference. He served as assistant director and then director of Metropolitan Ministries in New York from 1976 to 1981, then went on to serve in the church's African-Indian Ocean Division as departmental director and later as executive secretary. Subsequent posts included associate secretary at the church's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland; president of the Euro-Asia Division in Moscow, Russia; president of the Review & Herald Publishing Association; and vice president for the General Conference. He holds a doctoral degree in religious education, a master of divinity degree, and a master of science degree in public health. He is married to Nancy Louise Vollmer Wilson, a physical therapist. He and Nancy have three daughters—Emilie, Elizabeth, and Catherine—and five grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://www.asiministries.org/site_data/2/assets/0008/1000/TedWilson_small_medium.png","Year":2013,"DateCreated":"2014-07-18T00:07:31"}]