[{"ConventionSpeakerId":757,"SpeakerName":"Chris Holland","SpeakerFirstName":"Chris","SpeakerLastName":"Holland","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Chris Holland is the speaker/director of It Is Written Canada, which can be viewed on 3ABN, the Hope Channel, and nationwide in Canada on CTV. Chris, a man of faith and of the Word, is passionate about sharing the message he loves. He is committed to training, learning from, and working with lay people to unitedly finish God’s work. He and his wife of 18 years, Debbie, enjoy ministering together, traveling, and spending time in the outdoors.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Chris-Holland.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":758,"SpeakerName":"Dan Houghton","SpeakerFirstName":"Dan","SpeakerLastName":"Houghton","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dan Houghton and his wife, Karen, live in Fallbrook, California. Dan is president of Hart Research Center. He and Karen are dedicated to creating moments where the Holy Spirit has maximum opportunity to work in the lives of people. Graduates of Andrews University, Dan and Karen have been a part of Hart Research Center for ten years. Prior to that, Dan served in various administrative roles in the Midwest for Adventist Health System. Dan is a past president of ASI.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Dan-Houghton.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":756,"SpeakerName":"Fred Hardinge","SpeakerFirstName":"Fred","SpeakerLastName":"Hardinge","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Fred Hardinge is a professor in the Health Sciences Department at Northern Arizona University. He holds degrees in food and nutrition/dietetics, health education, and public health, and is also a registered dietitian with more than 25 years of experience. He and his wife, Chloe, have owned two restaurant/health food store operations and have a passion to assist people of all ages in living an abundant life.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Fred-Hardinge.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":755,"SpeakerName":"Scott Griswold","SpeakerFirstName":"Scott","SpeakerLastName":"Griswold","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Scott Griswold is the associate director for ASAP Ministries. He previously worked as the director for Global Mission’s Buddhist Study Center in Thailand and as a church planter in Cambodia with Adventist Frontier Missions. He recently wrote Reach the World Next Door, a cross-cultural missions training program for reaching immigrants, refugees, and international students in North America. He is married to Julie and is a father of four, all born in Southeast Asia.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Scott-Griswold.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":754,"SpeakerName":"Steven Grabiner","SpeakerFirstName":"Steven","SpeakerLastName":"Grabiner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steven Grabiner first met Jesus Christ through a lay-run vegetarian restaurant ministry. Having been born into a Jewish home and immersed in counter-culture, Steven’s life was transformed by this dynamic encounter with Jesus as the Messiah. He quickly began sharing his faith and newly-found Friend, working in city ministries in New York and Boston, and then in pastoral ministry. More recently, he had the privilege of working in Zambia for close to a decade, training laity to be evangelists and Bible workers. Currently serving as president of Outpost Centers International, Steven travels frequently, conducting seminars on topics such as the book of Revelation, apologetics, and leadership principles.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Steven-Grabiner.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":753,"SpeakerName":"Jay Gallimore","SpeakerFirstName":"Jay","SpeakerLastName":"Gallimore","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jay Gallimore has been president of the Michigan Conference since November 1990. Previously he served as conference secretary and ministerial director of the Michigan Conference. He has served as director of the Northwest Ministries Training Center for the North Pacific Union Conference and as associate ministerial director in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference. He graduated from Southern Missionary College and earned a master’s degree in religion from Andrews University.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Jay-Gallimore.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":752,"SpeakerName":"Dan Gabbert","SpeakerFirstName":"Dan","SpeakerLastName":"Gabbert","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dan Gabbert has worked for the last decade of his 28 years of full-time ministry as a mental/spiritual wellness coach at the Black Hills Health and Education Center, located in Hermosa, South Dakota. Dan and his wife, Patsy, provide practical health tools for the special people who come to BHHEC seeking physical, mental, and spiritual restoration.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Dan-Gabbert.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":751,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier is French Canadian and was born into a Roman Catholic home. He joined the Adventist Church when he was 27 years old and started working with supporting ministries in March of 1975. For five years, he served as president of Woodland Park Foundation, a supporting ministry in South River, Ontario, Canada, He then taught Bible for two years at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia. In 1987, he and his family moved to Zambia, Africa, where he served for six years as director of Riverside Farm Institute. In 1997, he and his wife, Janet, began serving with Outpost Centers International, where Frank served for five years as executive vice-president. He has been president of Eden Valley Institute since 2003 and has led ASI as president since 2011.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Frank-Fournier.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":750,"SpeakerName":"Charissa Fong","SpeakerFirstName":"Charissa","SpeakerLastName":"Fong","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Charissa Fong is a passionate preacher who loves to speak about Jesus. She conducted her first evangelistic campaign as a high school student, resulting in more than 30 decisions for baptism in Sydney, Australia. From her earliest years, Charissa has dreamed of being able to speak for God. Based in Sydney, Charissa has spoken to audiences across Australia and around the world. She is also studying theology as a graduate student at Avondale College.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Charissa-Fong.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":749,"SpeakerName":"Mark Finley","SpeakerFirstName":"Mark","SpeakerLastName":"Finley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Mark Finley is a former speaker/director for It Is Written, a retired General Conference vice president, and a still-active evangelist who has presented more than 150 evangelistic series in more than 80 countries, as well 17 NET series broadcasts throughout the world. He presents regularly at conventions, field schools, and evangelism institutes, and appears on the Hope Channel series Experience Hope. He has written more than 70 books, writes Bible studies for Adventist World magazine, and is the author of the Revival and Reformation lesson quarterly (Quarter 3, 2013). He and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie,” have three grown children: Deborah, Rebecca, and Mark Jr.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Mark-Finley.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":748,"SpeakerName":"Dave Fiedler","SpeakerFirstName":"Dave","SpeakerLastName":"Fiedler","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dave Fiedler has taught elementary, secondary, and collegiate classes in various Seventh-day Adventist schools. His book Hindsight: Seventh-day Adventist History in Essays and Extracts came from his appreciation for lessons in Adventist history. Since 2008, he and his family have been working to put those lessons to work in a practical way through Adventist City Missions, Inc.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Dave-Fiedler.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":741,"SpeakerName":"Stephen Bohr","SpeakerFirstName":"Stephen","SpeakerLastName":"Bohr","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Stephen Bohr has spent his life in mission service. Born of missionary parents, he has dedicated decades to ministry and theological research. His love for the Lord is the driving force behind his commitment to spreading the cutting edge gospel message for these last days with clarity and power.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Stephen-Bohr.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":742,"SpeakerName":"Michael Cafferky","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Cafferky","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael Cafferky has served as professor of business and management at Southern Adventist University since the fall of 2003. Before that, he served for 20 years in the healthcare industry in middle and senior management. He has authored seven books, including the college textbook Management: A Faith-Based Perspective. In 2013, Dr. Cafferky received the Sharon G. Johnson Award from the Christian Business Faculty Association, a national recognition for his efforts in integrating faith and business scholarship. Dr. Cafferky and his wife, Marlene, have two grown sons.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Michael-Cafferky.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":743,"SpeakerName":"Art Chadwick","SpeakerFirstName":"Art","SpeakerLastName":"Chadwick","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Art Chadwick is a faculty member in Southwestern Adventist University’s Department of Biology. He has done significant research in the field of origins and creation, including scientific evidence. He promotes a creation-based perspective on origins.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Art-Chadwick.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":744,"SpeakerName":"Mark Cromwell","SpeakerFirstName":"Mark","SpeakerLastName":"Cromwell","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Mark Cromwell founded Ad Trends Advertising, Inc. in 1991. In his 23 years in advertising, Mark has developed and executed successful marketing programs for numerous clients—local, regional, and national.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Mark-Cromwell.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":745,"SpeakerName":"Gerard Damsteegt","SpeakerFirstName":"Gerard","SpeakerLastName":"Damsteegt","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Gerard Damsteegt was born in The Netherlands. He was an aeronautical engineer when he became a Christian. He served as pastor-evangelist, missionary, chaplain, health educator, editor, writer, and teacher. He authored Foundations of the Seventh-day Adventist Message and Mission, The Great Controversy Experience multimedia DVD-ROM, and was principle author of Seventh-day Adventist Believe…. He is married to Laurel Nelson Damsteegt and has a daughter, Joelle McNulty, and a son, Pieter.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Gerard-Damsteegt.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":746,"SpeakerName":"Antionette Duck","SpeakerFirstName":"Antionette","SpeakerLastName":"Duck","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Antionette Duck is the founder of Mafgia and a living testament to the redemptive grace of the Lord. She has come to understand that her faults and failures are not the end of the story—that the story of the cross is the story of redemption. As one rescued from abortion, Ms. Duck is now an attorney and speaker dedicated to rescuing others. She invites you to walk in the redemptive grace that is yours.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://c2167.us01.webzillafiles.com/files.asiministries.org/presenters/Antoinette-Duck-LG.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":747,"SpeakerName":"Ron Duffield","SpeakerFirstName":"Ron","SpeakerLastName":"Duffield","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ron Duffield is a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist. His great-great-grandfather even attended the 1888 General Conference. Ron and his wife spent nearly fifteen years at Weimar Institute where he served in the NEWSTART program and as college librarian. There he began his work on The Return of the Latter Rain, published in 2010. The second volume in the series, Wounded in the House of His Friends, will be published in 2014. Ron currently works as a respiratory therapist in Walla Walla, Washington.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Ron-Duffield.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":767,"SpeakerName":"Lyndi Schwartz","SpeakerFirstName":"Lyndi","SpeakerLastName":"Schwartz","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Lyndi Schwartz is a graduate of Loma Linda University's School of Medicine. She is the Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency at Kettering Medical Center in Ohio. While she is a physician her first love is Theology. She teaches the word every opportunity she gets including teaching a large Sabbath School class most weeks at her church in Centerville, Ohio. She is married to Brian Schwartz for the last nearly 25 years. Together they are active in several supporting ministries and have spoken nationally and internationally on topics of both health and theology. ","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Lyndi-Schwartz.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":768,"SpeakerName":"Diane Wagner","SpeakerFirstName":"Diane","SpeakerLastName":"Wagner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Diane Wagner lives with her husband, David, and is the mother of four grown children. Being post-abortive herself, she knows firsthand the crippling shame that so often comes from choosing abortion. She has dealt with denial and grief, has experienced full forgiveness, and has embraced the sweet re-creative power of her Lord and Savior. Seeing the need within our church, she speaks on how to minister to those who have been affected by an abortion experience.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Dianne-Wagner.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":769,"SpeakerName":"Ted Wilson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ted","SpeakerLastName":"Wilson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ted Wilson was elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church in July 2010. He served as assistant director and then director of Metropolitan Ministries in New York from 1976 to 1981, then went on to serve in the church’s African-Indian Ocean Division as departmental director and later as executive secretary. He holds a doctoral degree in religious education, a master of divinity degree, and a master of science degree in public health. He and his wife, Nancy, have three daughters—Emilie, Elizabeth, and Catherine—and five grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Ted-Wilson.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":770,"SpeakerName":"Steve Wohlberg","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Wohlberg","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steve Wohlberg a Jewish convert from Los Angeles, is the speaker/director of White Horse Media and the host of  His Voice Today radio and television broadcasts. A gifted writer and speaker, he is the author of more than 30 books, including God’s Last Message: Christ our Righteousness. His passion is to exalt his Savior, be a faithful husband and father, and prepare others for Jesus Christ’s soon return.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Steven-Wohlberg.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":771,"SpeakerName":"Wes Youngberg","SpeakerFirstName":"Wes","SpeakerLastName":"Youngberg","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Wes Youngberg earned a doctorate in clinical preventive care and a master’s degree in nutrition from Loma Linda University. He has served as clinical assistant professor at LLU, is a certified nutrition specialist, and is a founding director for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. From 1994 to 2008, he served as a medical missionary in the Western Pacific where he was director of the Guam Seventh-day Adventist Clinic Wellness Center. Currently, he is director of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic & Wellness Center for the Rancho Family Medical Group. Youngberg has 20 years of clinical experience using integrative therapies for diabetes control, depression recovery, cardiovascular disease reversal, and effective management of many chronic health conditions. Youngberg and his wife, Betsy, have three children and live in Temecula, California.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Wes-Youngberg.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":772,"SpeakerName":"Vicki Griffin","SpeakerFirstName":"Vicki","SpeakerLastName":"Griffin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Vicki Griffin is the director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series and the Fit & Free! Building Brain and Body Health series; the director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; and the editor of Balance magazine and the Balanced Living tract series. As an author, speaker, teacher, and program developer, Vicki lectures and travels worldwide sharing the lifestyle link to better mental, physical, and spiritual health.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Vicki-Griffin.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":766,"SpeakerName":"Scott Ritsema","SpeakerFirstName":"Scott","SpeakerLastName":"Ritsema","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Scott Ritsema is a Bible teacher, author, and frequent guest speaker at camp meetings, teacher conventions, academies, and churches. He is also a part-time instructor at Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Lakeview, Michigan. Scott and his wife, Cami, recently founded Belt of Truth ministries. His “Media on the Brain” seminar has been featured via satellite TV and radio. The Ritsemas’ primary ministry is to disciple their two sons, Levi and Silas.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Scott-Ritsema.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":765,"SpeakerName":"James Rafferty","SpeakerFirstName":"James","SpeakerLastName":"Rafferty","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"James Rafferty became a follower of Jesus Christ at 21, and sensed early on God’s call to preach the good news of a crucified and risen Savior. Since that initial urging the Holy Spirit has opened doors for James to share God’s incomparable love in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and all over America. In addition to his preaching ministry, he also conducts seminars on the books of Daniel and Revelation for pastors and laity alike. James and his wife, Risë, have two wonderful children, Jeiel and Kierra.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/James-Rafferty.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":764,"SpeakerName":"Will Pergerson","SpeakerFirstName":"Will","SpeakerLastName":"Pergerson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Will Pergerson is an ordained pastor and evangelist who while in college yielded to God’s call to become a fisher of men. Eight years into ministry the message of Christ our righteousness changed his life and added new life and power to his ministerial call. William has witnessed the power of this message change lives from Alberta to Ghana to Long Island and many places in between! William, Sharon and their two children hope to bring some joy to the heart of God by encouraging others to enter into the kingdom of Heaven by lifting up the Savior.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Will-Pergrson.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":763,"SpeakerName":"Nicole Parker","SpeakerFirstName":"Nicole","SpeakerLastName":"Parker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Nicole Parker has a passion to help people understand the love of God and its power to bring both spiritual and emotional healing. When she is not busy mothering her three energetic children, she enjoys ministering alongside her husband of 13 years, Dr. Alan Parker. They reside in Collegedale, Tennessee. Nicole holds a master’s degree in biblical counseling, and is currently working on a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from Andrews University.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Nicole-Parker.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":762,"SpeakerName":"Rob Neall","SpeakerFirstName":"Rob","SpeakerLastName":"Neall","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Rob Neall serves as a Bible and history instructor, registrar, and director of Ringers of Hope Bell Choir at Ouachita Hills Academy. His passion for combined excellence and ministry has inspired and motivated students to reach physical, mental, and moral excellence in every sphere of life. He and his wife, Christine, currently reside in Amity, Arkansas, with their two young children, Elliot and Elizabeth.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Rob-Neall.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":761,"SpeakerName":"John Markovic","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Markovic","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Markovic was born in the former Yugoslavia (presently Serbia) and immigrated to the United States in 1969. He is married to Vesna, and together they have a son, John-Phillip, and a daughter, Christianna. Professor Markovic graduated with honors from Andrews University in 1982 with bachelor’s degrees in theology and history. He earned his MA/PhD at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, in 1990. He has taught at Andrews since the fall of 1990 and has been doing research on the emerging/emergent church movement and Emergence Christianity since 2007.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/John-Joyan-Markovic.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":760,"SpeakerName":"Don Mackintosh","SpeakerFirstName":"Don","SpeakerLastName":"Mackintosh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Don Mackintosh is the health evangelism leadership program director and campus chaplain at Weimar Institute. A pastor and former emergency room nurse, he helped to develop and host a half-hour program, “Health for a Lifetime,” that aired on 3ABN. He also developed the “From Health to Him” seminar, and authored the “What’s the Connection?” DVD series. He has also developed a new series of studies on Daniel and Revelation and the sanctuary, as well as putting together the Gospel Workers training course.  He and his wife, Luminitsa, have four chlldren: Elizabeth, Katherine, Donald, and James.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Don-Mackintosh.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":759,"SpeakerName":"Evelyn Kissinger","SpeakerFirstName":"Evelyn","SpeakerLastName":"Kissinger","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Evelyn Kissinger is currently the nutrition director for Lifestyle Matters as well as a registered dietitian and wellness expert. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Tennessee and her master’s degree in business from Andrews University. Evelyn has spoken and taught worldwide, developing and implementing wellness programs, books, and teaching materials for more than 30 years. She is also the director of Lifestyle Matters at Work, which delivers corporate wellness programs.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Evelyn-Kissinger.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":773,"SpeakerName":"Edward Zinke","SpeakerFirstName":"Edward","SpeakerLastName":"Zinke","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"E. Edward Zinke is an active Adventist theologian and businessman who has published numerous articles and books including the first quarter 2010 Sabbath School quarterly and its accompanying book, The Certainty of the Second Coming. He's a doctoral candidate in systematic theology at the Catholic University of America. He served for almost two decades as the associate director for the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference. He also served as president of Ann's House of Nuts, an international food company, until 2008, when he and his wife sold the company. He's on the Board of Trustees for Andrews and Oakwood Universities, and serves on numerous committees for a variety of Adventist entities and institutions. He is on the Executive Committee of the General Conference and Vice-chairman of the White Estate Board of Directors. He is co-founder, past president and current treasurer for the Adventist Theological Society. He's active in the Spencerville, MD Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he teaches an adult Sabbath school class. He and his wife, Ann, have two sons and seven grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Ed-Zinke.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T11:06:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":774,"SpeakerName":"Daniel Jackson","SpeakerFirstName":"Daniel","SpeakerLastName":"Jackson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Daniel Jackson, the president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, was elected June 28, 2010, by delegates of the world church at their business session in Atlanta, Georgia. Jackson is a native Canadian and, with the exception of five years of service in the Southern Asia Division, has lived and ministered primarily in Canada. He is a graduate of Canadian Union College (now Canadian University College) and Andrews University, from which he holds a master’s in religion in systematic theology. Dan and Donna enjoy the three children and four grandchildren the Lord has given them.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Daniel-Jackson.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-06-26T14:06:06"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":777,"SpeakerName":"Eric Walsh","SpeakerFirstName":"Eric","SpeakerLastName":"Walsh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Eric Walsh is the former director of public health and health officer for the city of Pasadena, California. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, he attended Oakwood University as an undergraduate and has received two doctoral degrees, one in medicine from the University of Miami and one in public health from Loma Linda University. He is also the associate pastor at the Altadena Seventh-day Adventist Church in Altadena, California. He is married and has three children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/presenters/Eric-Walsh.jpg","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-07T11:07:12"}]