[{"ConventionMusicianId":1727,"MusicianName":"Vonda Beerman","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Vonda-Beerman.jpg","MusicianBio":"Following God’s leading, Angel Award winner, VONDA BEERMAN travels the world sharing her testimony and His message of love through gospel music. Some call her voice, unique in its clarity and purity, “The Sweetest Voice in Christian Music Today.” Vonda is a recording artist with Morning Song Music. She is honored to be a featured vocalist on 3ABN, KSBN, CTS Network, The Hope Channel, LLBN, and others. She can be heard and seen over the internet on Youtube, Pandora Radio, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify as well as through other distributors. Vonda is a committed Christian desiring to uplift Christ in her witness through music.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:01"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1728,"MusicianName":"Marleta Fong","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Marleta-Fong.jpg","MusicianBio":"MARLETA FONG was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she currently works as a registered nurse. She has always loved singing, and desired to be able to share Jesus in song. Marleta sang her first solo when she was asked to fill in for someone at a special youth weekend in her local church. Sanja Kitevski was able to accompany her on piano that night. Since then God has given them opportunity to share Jesus in various churches and locations. Earlier this year Marleta finished an album entitled: In His Presence. It’s their desire that those who listen will be drawn into the presence of God and never want to leave.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:34"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1729,"MusicianName":"Fountainview Academy","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Fountainview.jpg","MusicianBio":"The entire student body of FOUNTAINVIEW ACADEMY, located in British Columbia, has dedicated their musical talents to spreading the Gospel. Every student at Fountainview takes part in the music program. They have performed concerts all over the United States and Canada with the orchestra and singers and have filmed their music in a variety of settings. They are also blessed with the privilege of sharing their productions and some of their live concerts worldwide via television. Their music is unique because it serves the sole purpose of spreading the good news of Christ’s soon coming to those who need to hear it. In addition, their music is orchestrated or arranged by Fountainview’s own students.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:07"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1730,"MusicianName":"Christina and Charissa Goosey","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Christina&Charissa-Goosey.jpg","MusicianBio":"CHRISTINA AND CHARISSA GOOSEY were homeschooled for most of their formal education. A highlight throughout their teen years was attending the ASI Youth for Jesus Bible and Outreach training program for four summers. This culminated at Youth for Jesus Hungary, where they preached as part of an evangelistic series and shared their musical talents for the Lord. They are honored to play special music and perform concerts on a regular basis at their local church as well as area churches. They seek to honor God in their lives through word and action and to share Christ's love in Heavenly music.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:00"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1731,"MusicianName":"Melissa and William Gutherie","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Melissa&William-Guthrie.jpg","MusicianBio":"MELISSA AND WILLIAM GUTHERIE have been playing and singing together, along with their family, for as long as they can remember. They began studying violin at an early age and have performed with various groups including Siskiyou Violins, Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon, Southern Adventist University, and the Auburn Symphony in California. Both graduated from Fountainview Academy where William played trumpet and Melissa served as concertmaster her senior year. William graduated from Southern Adventist University with a music major (violin) in December, 2013, while Melissa is currently majoring in violin performance and nursing at Southern. It is their hope that God will be lifted up through their music.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:43"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1732,"MusicianName":"Houghton Family","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Houghton-Family.jpg","MusicianBio":"HOUGHTON FAMILY. Dan and Karen Houghton lead a multi-faceted ministry-- Hart Research Center that focuses on evangelistic outreach through graphic and fine arts, media, publishing, health ministry and technology. Danny Houghton is Vice President of One Degree Organic Foods in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Jamey Houghton is the Senior Pastor of the Franktown Seventh-day Adventist Church near Denver, Colorado and Director of the Youth Evangelism Kaleo Project for the Rocky Mountain Conference. The Houghton family has been actively involved in ASI since 1983. The entire family, Dan & Karen, Danny & Sondra, Jamey & Erin with children Callie, Joshua and Riley are committed to sharing Jesus as a way of life.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:14"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1733,"MusicianName":"David D. Kim","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/David-Kim.jpg","MusicianBio":"DAVID D. KIM is an Adventist business executive. After earning his MBA from Stanford University, he built a career in business strategy as a management consultant with Bain & Company. He is now a senior executive at the Vanguard Group, a global investment company. Prior to his business career, David was a professional cellist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic. He earned a Bachelors degree from the Eastman School of Music, and a Masters from Northwestern University in cello performance. David has been a featured speaker for a variety of groups including Generation.Youth.Christ (GYC), the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, CAMPUS, and the UC Berkeley Adventist Christian Fellowship. He can also be heard as a cellist with The Lamb Wins (www.thelambwins.com). David lives with his wife, Grace, and his children, Solomon and Claire, in the Philadelphia area where he also serves as an elder at his local church.","Website":"http://www.thelambwins.com","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:48"},{"ConventionMusicianId":1734,"MusicianName":"Sheldon Lee","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Sheldon-Lee.jpg","MusicianBio":"SHELDON LEE is a tenth grader, he has been home schooled since he was in kindergarten. Sheldon started to take piano lesson when he was six years old. He enjoys playing the piano and violin during his free time. One of Sheldon's ambitions is to serve the Lord through music.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-17T20:07:24"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2060,"MusicianName":"Kenneth Logan","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Kenneth-Logan.jpg","MusicianBio":"KENNETH LOGAN is Professor of Music at Andrews University, where his teaching responsibilities include organ studies, church music, and music composition. He has served as Minister of Music/Organist for the Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan, since 1996. He previously taught at Highland View Academy, Walla Walla College, and Canadian Union College. He obtained his bachelor's degree in music performance in 1984 from Andrews University. He completed a Doctorate of Musical Arts with Honors in organ performance from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1992. A published composer of music, his musical interests include playing wonderful organ pieces by obscure composers and enlivening congregational singing through creative hymn interpretation at the organ.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T07:07:03"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2061,"MusicianName":"Christine Martins","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Christine-Martins.jpg","MusicianBio":"CHRISTINE MARTINS is in her sophomore year of high school finishing Wildwood's online medical missionary course. Being a homeschooler has given her the extra time to dedicate to one of her greatest passions - the violin. She started learning it eight years ago and enjoys playing solo, group or orchestra music at church and other sacred meetings. During Christmastime, with her family, she serenades different homes in the community and gives each the Desire of Ages. It is her goal to continue to use her music to praise the Lord and to bless and attract others to Him. Besides studying and music, she enjoys learning to manage a home.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T08:07:03"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2062,"MusicianName":"Christopher Martins","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Christopher-Martins.jpg","MusicianBio":"CHRISTOPHER MARTINS is 19 years old and was homeschooled through high school. He has an AA from North Florida Community College where he works as a programmer. He is now a student at Wildwood’s online College of Health Evangelism, gives piano lessons, and when time allows, practices Chinese. Besides this, he enjoys music (classical guitar, cello and piano), gardening and food ‘chemistry’ in the kitchen ‘lab’. Still, his days start with the most important activities -prayer and devotion. His aim in life is to fulfill the Lord’s call for him, which is currently under investigation.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:23"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2063,"MusicianName":"Charles Reid","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Charles-Reid.jpg","MusicianBio":"Since 2012, tenor, CHARLES REID has served Andrews University as Associate Professor and Artist-in-Residence. At Andrews, he coordinates vocal studies and singer/actor presentations, most recently a fully staged student performance of J.S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. As a classical artist, Mr. Reid has performed across the USA (including performances with the Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, New York's Carnegie Hall, and Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center) and internationally in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. In the upcoming season, Charles will appear in concerts with the Buffalo Philharmonic, Howard Performing Arts Center, Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Columbia Pro Cantare, Lexington's Christ Church, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to teaching and performing, Charles is the father of three wonderful children and husband to mezzo-soprano, Julie Karpenko Reid. To learn more about his career, please visit his website:www.charles-reid.com and listen to his podcast “This Opera Life with Charles Reid.”","Website":"http://www.charles-reid.com/","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:41"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2064,"MusicianName":"Julie Reid","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Julie-Reid.jpg","MusicianBio":"Mezzo-soprano, JULIE REID, is well known for concertizing throughout the U.S. and Europe with her husband, Charles Reid. On the oratorio stage, she has performed Mendelssohn’s Elijah with the New England Youth Ensemble, Mozart’s Requiemwith Indiana University, South Bend, and Handel’s Messiah with the Colfax Baroque Players. As a recitalist, recent appearances include concerts in Ackerman Hall at Southern Adventist University; the Arts Series of the Frederick SDA Church, in Maryland; and several appearances at the Howard Performing Arts Center on the campus of Andrews University. Mrs. Reid is a graduate of Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. She currently serves in her community as Home and School Leader for Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, in addition to teaching voice at Andrews University and enjoying raising three beautiful children.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:22"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2065,"MusicianName":"Alessandra Sorace","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Alessandra-Soarce.jpg","MusicianBio":"ALESSANDRA SORACE'S name means “Helper of all People”; and that is her aim, as she shares her God-given gift of music. At the age of three, Alessandra, in the company of her therapy Golden Retriever and “doggy-brother, Fausto,” began sharing God’s love in song throughout the local nursing homes. Since then, Alessandra has sung at religious and corporate events throughout the United States, and countries in Central and South America. She is a two-time first-place winner in the VOCE competition and performer in the MTA Convention. She has also recorded for worldwide television networks. A few months ago and at the age of 14, Alessandra recorded two CDs: One in English, “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go” and one in Spanish, “Amor Que No Me Dejarás”. Alessandra loves to read and loves the outdoors, ranch work, riding and working with horses. Alessandra’s motto is: “A physician restores the body. A musician restores the soul.”","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:55"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2066,"MusicianName":"Victor Rodriguez","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Victor-Rodriguez.jpg","MusicianBio":"VICTOR M. RODRIGUEZ JR. is originally from Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 12, his parents sacrificially bought him his first saxophone, and he began playing at Grand Rapids, Junior Academy. He continued playing the saxophone throughout his high school years, college years, and through his 15-year naval tour of duty. After retirement from military service, Victor continued to play his saxophone for multiple and varying audiences, glorifying God and blessing people with his music. Victor also sings, plays bass guitar and the piano! His prayer is that someone may be lifted up, blessed, and led to Jesus through the gifts that God has given him on loan! He can be reached for music and gospel ministry at: 352-275-9978; messenger_2@yahoo.com","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:45"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2067,"MusicianName":"Hope Montana","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Hope-Montana.jpg","MusicianBio":"HOPE MONTANA is a young music evangelist who travels full-time sharing the gospel through song and testimony. Hope loves people, the outdoors, traveling, ministry, and of course singing for our Creator. When not traveling, she resides in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with her family.”","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T09:07:26"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2068,"MusicianName":"Girls of Mercy","MusicianThumbnailURL":"http://images.asiministries.org/musicians/Girls-of-Mercy.jpg","MusicianBio":"GIRLS OF MERCY began in 2005 with seven singers but is currently comprised of 20 girls ranging from 8 to 21 years of age. Nearly all the girls are children of Andrews University students and therefore represent many nations. The group has brought Seventh-day Adventist music to secular audiences including homeless shelters, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, facilities for troubled teens, public high school events, and fairs. In addition, Girls of Mercy has ministered in various religious venues including churches, camp meetings, 3ABN, Pathfinder Camporees, weddings, and more. The group has served in many Sunday churches, sharing the Adventist message through music. They perform in both English and African languages. God has blessed the ministry throughout the years, strengthening the girls as Seventh-day Adventists and helping them develop their talents for use in God’s service.","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T10:07:19"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2069,"MusicianName":"Sanja Kitevski","MusicianThumbnailURL":"","MusicianBio":"","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T10:07:27"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2070,"MusicianName":"Seán Nebblett","MusicianThumbnailURL":"","MusicianBio":"","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T10:07:56"},{"ConventionMusicianId":2071,"MusicianName":" ","MusicianThumbnailURL":"","MusicianBio":"","Website":"","Year":2014,"DateCreated":"2014-07-22T10:07:17"}]