[{"ConventionSpeakerId":380659,"SpeakerName":"Alexis Abrahantes Carralero","SpeakerFirstName":"Alexis","SpeakerLastName":"Abrahantes Carralero","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Born in Havana, Cuba during the height of the Cold War to a father who was a communist diplomat and member of the military class I witnessed the religious struggle of the underground Christians who still worshiped in spite of severe repression and persecution. I soon joined the number of those believers. In the midst of my convertion I suffered a severe accident which lead to a series of miraculous events which eventually brought my mother and I to the United States. I currently work as an assistant at Mercy Hospital in Miami Florida.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-30T14:06:04"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":318527,"SpeakerName":"Andi HUNSAKER","SpeakerFirstName":"Andi","SpeakerLastName":"Hunsaker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Physician. Graduated from Loma Linda University and completed residency training at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Greatest passion is Bible study and one on one evangelism. She lived with her husband Bob in Boston Massachusetts where they both practice medicine. They attend Stoneham SDA church where they teach a SS class","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-26T12:05:53"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15791,"SpeakerName":"Angeline B. David, DrPH, MHS, RDN","SpeakerFirstName":"Angeline","SpeakerLastName":"David","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. David is the Health Ministries Director for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists in April 2016. She holds a Doctor of Public Health degree in Nutrition from Loma Linda University School of Public Health and a Master of Health Science in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her passion is to make nutrition and healthy living practical, understandable, and enjoyable for everyone. She believes that comprehensive health work includes physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing and that all can be part of a community that seeks to nurture hope and wholeness.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Angeline-David-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-20T14:05:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9294,"SpeakerName":"Anil Kanda","SpeakerFirstName":"Anil","SpeakerLastName":"Kanda","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Anil Kanda is a former Hindu with a Sikh background. Approximately 11 years ago, someone shared end-time prophecies with him, and he was transformed by the beautiful truths of God’s Word. Anil has been involved in evangelism in many parts of the world and currently works as a pastor. You’ll love his energetic approach to the Bible and his deep, provocative insights into life’s toughest problems. Learn to share in the most precarious and challenging situations, making no apologies for what you believe!","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Anil-Kanda-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-01T14:07:40"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15894,"SpeakerName":"Anil Kanda","SpeakerFirstName":"Anil","SpeakerLastName":"Kanda","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Anil Kanda is a former Hindu with a Sikh background. Approximately 11 years ago, someone shared end-time prophecies with him, and he was transformed by the beautiful truths of God’s Word. Aniil has been involved in evangelism in many parts of the world and currently works as a pastor. You’ll love his energetic approach to the Bible and his deep, provocative insights into life’s toughest problems. Learn to share in the most precarious and challenging situations, making no apologies for what you believe!","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Anil-Kanda-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-01T17:06:28"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":310958,"SpeakerName":"Bill Krick","SpeakerFirstName":"Bill","SpeakerLastName":"Krick","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"For the last 19 years Bill Krick has served as Literature Ministries Director for the Central California Conference, the cradle of California Youth Rush, GLOW, and CROSS Training. For 27 consecutive summers he has engaged in soul-winning work. Bill’s greatest desire is to develop young and old into active, sold-out, end-time believers—something more than just respectable, conventional Christians. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather, and two daughters, Savannah and Heidi.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-21T20:05:00"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9077,"SpeakerName":"Braam Oberholster","SpeakerFirstName":"Braam","SpeakerLastName":"Oberholster","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Braam Oberholster is professor of international business at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. Prior to his current appointment, he worked in Indonesia, Malawi, and South Africa as development project leader, hospital and college administrator, and professor. His fifteen years as chief financial officer shaped his approaches to financial management, and his years of experience in three world regions equipped him for the challenges cross-cultural managers face. He continues to be active in the international arena with presentations and teaching on business, business as mission, and community development topics in Argentina, China, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. His current research focuses on the areas of motivation for long-term missionary expatriation, and exploring biblical foundations on business topics. He and his wife, Petro, have two grown children and one grandchild.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Braam-Oberholster-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-06T10:04:22"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":973213,"SpeakerName":"Calvin Kim","SpeakerFirstName":"Calvin","SpeakerLastName":"Kim","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Calvin Kim lives with his beautiful wife Amy and their daughters Charis and Caia in WA state where he practices dentistry as his "tent making". One of his favorite SOP quotes that he has found to be so true is: "It is in a life of service only that true happiness is found." { 4BC 1160.1 } He is the co-founder of ARME Bible Camp and F5 Challenge ministries and loves to connect with people. In his free time- he is an avid triathlete, rock climber, wakeboarder and loves to be outdoors with his family and friends!","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-05-29T13:05:47"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":339400,"SpeakerName":"Charles Sarr","SpeakerFirstName":"Charles","SpeakerLastName":"Sarr","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Trained as a computer professional, Charles Sarr has been pursuing his passion for learning, teaching and music for over 25 years in the field of education. He works with Heritage Academy near Monterey, TN, as IT manager, teaches math, and directs the select choir. He credits Wanda, his wife of 37 years, for whetting his appetite for teaching and history and for coaching him toward excellence. “We have nothing to fear for the future except we forget…”","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-07T07:06:08"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9072,"SpeakerName":"Cindy Tutsch","SpeakerFirstName":"Cindy","SpeakerLastName":"Tutsch","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Cindy Tutsch worked as an associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate, presenting and teaching in all thirteen divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She has served as conference youth director, television host, academy Bible teacher, literature evangelism director, and is the author of four books, including Ellen White on Leadership. Dr. Tutsch and her husband, Ulrich, especially enjoy outdoor recreation with their children and grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Cindy-Tutsch-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-05T19:04:43"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":316709,"SpeakerName":"Cindy Tutsch, DMin","SpeakerFirstName":"Cindy","SpeakerLastName":"Tutsch","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Cindy Tutsch most recently served until retirement as an Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists in Silver Spring, MD. Her position included promoting an enthusiasm and understanding for Ellen White cross-generationally. She has been a featured speaker at universities, convocations, Weeks of Prayer, camp meetings, and pastor-teacher training events in 61 countries in all thirteen Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Dr. Tutsch earned the BA in religion from Andrews University, the M.A. in pastoral ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, and the doctor of ministry with an emphasis in leadership from the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. She has been involved in youth ministry, teaching, and evangelism for 45 years, as a pastor, Bible teacher, lay ministries coordinator, television host, literature-evangelism leader, and conference youth director. She initiated Youth Challenge in North America, an evangelistic outreach that uses teens to teach Bible studies and Revelation Seminars, do service projects for the community, and distribute gospel literature door to door. She is the recipient of several awards for excellence in ministry and teaching, and was an honored alumnus of Andrews University. She is the author of four books, including Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for those who influence others, and scores of articles in Adventist publications. She and her husband, Ulrich, especially enjoy outdoor recreation with their children and grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-24T19:05:57"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":316710,"SpeakerName":"Cindy Tutsch, DMin","SpeakerFirstName":"Cindy","SpeakerLastName":"Tutsch","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Cindy Tutsch most recently served until retirement as an Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate. She has been a featured speaker at universities, convocations, Weeks of Prayer, camp meetings, and pastor-teacher training events in 61countries in all thirteen Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist church. She is the author of four books, including Ellen White on Leadership, and directed student literature evangelism programs for ten years.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-24T20:05:38"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9233,"SpeakerName":"Clayton Leinneweber","SpeakerFirstName":"Clayton","SpeakerLastName":"Leinneweber","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Clayton Leinneweber is the director for Messiah’s Mansion. He has had a passion for the sanctuary message for 20 years. He has been director for Messiah’s Mansion for more than 10 years, setting up the full-size Mosaic Sanctuary and taking the message all over the United States and internationally to other countries including Africa and the Caribbean. He also teaches a Sanctuary Class at Oklahoma Academy in Harrah, Oklahoma.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Clayton-Leinneweber-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-28T11:04:30"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16112,"SpeakerName":"Craig Harding","SpeakerFirstName":"Craig","SpeakerLastName":"Harding","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Craig is passionate about innovation, industry, strategic planning, and interfacing these concepts into ministry in harmony with the gospel. Raised in Alaska, Craig attended ARISE Institute’s evangelism training program in Michigan. He married his lovely wife, Alicia, in 2008, and they have three children ages 6, 3, and 1 1⁄2. Craig has served as vice president of business and development at OCI since 2011. He enjoys traveling, canoeing, camping, woodworking, and gardening.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Craig-Harding-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-27T10:06:41"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15792,"SpeakerName":"Dan Gabbert, MA, CWC","SpeakerFirstName":"Dan","SpeakerLastName":"Gabbert","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"After three decades of full-time Christian ministry, Dan is focusing his energies upon helping others understand and apply the principles of mental and spiritual restoration found in God’s word. He and his wife Patsy are working together as mental and spiritual health coaches for the Black Hills Health and Education Center. Dan is the originator of the mental/spiritual health coaching modality Biblical Response Therapy® and author of the training manual with the same name.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-20T15:05:08"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9298,"SpeakerName":"Dan Houghton","SpeakerFirstName":"Dan","SpeakerLastName":"Houghton","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dan Houghton and his wife, Karen, live in Fallbrook, California. Dan is president of Hart Research Center. He and Karen are dedicated to creating moments where the Holy Spirit has maximum opportunity to work in the lives of people. Graduates of Andrews University, Dan and Karen have been a part of Hart Research Center for ten years. Prior to that, Dan served in various administrative roles in the Midwest for Adventist Health System. Dan is a past president of ASI.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Dan-Houghton-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-23T10:07:15"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":307326,"SpeakerName":"Daniel Binus, MD","SpeakerFirstName":"Daniel","SpeakerLastName":"Binus","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Binus believes in whole-person care. His goal is to understand and address the emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that influence each patient’s well being. Dr. Binus serves as clinical director of Beautiful Minds Medical. He provides outpatient psychiatry and oversees the Intensive Outpatient Program. He’s also on the medical staff at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, and a clinical instructor for Loma Linda University. Dr. Binus completed his medical training and psychiatry residency at Loma Linda University, where he became fascinated by the beauty of the mind. Dr. Binus spent many hours studying the emotional, physical, spiritual, and biological factors that influence mental health. This study made him passionate about treating the cause of mental illness, and not just masking the symptoms.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-19T18:05:26"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15853,"SpeakerName":"Danielle Harrison","SpeakerFirstName":"Danielle","SpeakerLastName":"Harrison","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Having walked away from a life of unbridled sensuality and self-indulgence, today Danielle truly is a New creature in Christ! She is an Associate Director of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, a ministry which unites four individuals in sharing their testimonies of freedom from sexual sin and same-sex relationships. All four members travel around the world sharing messages of hope and healing, not just for the homosexual, but for all sinners in need of a Savior.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-27T14:05:52"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":350145,"SpeakerName":"Danny Houghton","SpeakerFirstName":"Danny","SpeakerLastName":"Houghton","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"His business card says Vice-President for Sales, but you’ll find Danny Houghton playing many roles at Vibrant Health Products. As a Founding Partner of subsidiary One Degree Organic Foods, he was instrumental in developing One Degree's value proposition of 100% ingredient transparency for every product sold. He architected the supply chain and procurement process for One Degree, and developed the software innovations and media plan that bring the brand's famous transparency to life. He enjoys leading ingredient expeditions around the world, and working to change the way food is produced in North America. Since his college days at Southern Adventist University and later while pursuing his MBA at the University of San Diego, Danny has always been intrigued by the intersection of disciplines, the place where innovative breakthroughs occur.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-13T13:06:47"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16183,"SpeakerName":"David DeRose, MD, MPH","SpeakerFirstName":"David","SpeakerLastName":"DeRose","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Syndicated radio show host and practicing physician, David DeRose, MD, MPH, has been helping people address disease processes with natural therapies for over three decades. Known for his engaging and practical presentations, Dr. DeRose draws from his background as a published researcher to communicate cutting-edge medical science and from his experience as an Adventist pastor to keep his presentations evangelistically and spiritually relevant.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/David-DeRose-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-04T16:07:42"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9074,"SpeakerName":"David Kim","SpeakerFirstName":"David","SpeakerLastName":"Kim","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"David Kim is a corporate executive, former professional cellist, and co-founder of the Nicodemus Society (nicodemussociety.org), a ministry dedicated to reaching the “Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated” or “W3s” of society with the gospel. David has been a featured speaker for a variety of groups including ASI, GYC, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and CAMPUS. David lives with his wife, Grace, and his children, Solomon and Claire, in the Philadelphia suburbs.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/David-Kim-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-05T21:04:29"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16210,"SpeakerName":"Debbie Baker","SpeakerFirstName":"Debbie","SpeakerLastName":"Baker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Debbie Baker is the president of Heritage Academy, the wife of the principal of Heritage Academy, the mother of three young men, and the Vice President for Logistics for ASI Southern Union. She has extensive experience understanding the struggle to achieve balance in her personal and professional roles and strives to implement Biblical principles to this struggle.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Debbie-Baker-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-06T12:07:41"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16114,"SpeakerName":"Debbie Baker - Health & Family Track.","SpeakerFirstName":"Donna","SpeakerLastName":"McNeilus","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Donna and her husband Denzil are owners of Minnesota-based Sterling State Bank. They reside in Dodge Center, MN and are actively involved as board members and several ministries that are non-profit organizations. Both Denzil and Donna have served as past Presidents of ASI. Donna currently serves on Eden Valley Institute board. They are blessed with three children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren who are a constant source of joy in their lives! Together their entire family shares the same dedication and commitment to sharing Christ’s love with others all over the world.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Donna-McNeilus-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-27T11:06:24"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":10121,"SpeakerName":"Debbie Young","SpeakerFirstName":"Debbie","SpeakerLastName":"Young","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Debbie has served in multiple leadership roles in secular and church organizations. As a registered nurse, she has moved through the ranks from staff nursing to management in the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has served in various roles at the local church, conference, union and division level and has been an active member of ASI since 1992, serving as president from 2003-2007. Debbie and her husband, Ray, are founders of the media ministry Quiet Moment Ministries and reside in Ypsilanti, MI.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Debbie-Young-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-01T07:07:20"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16205,"SpeakerName":"Debbie Young","SpeakerFirstName":"Debbie","SpeakerLastName":"Young","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"While developing a career as a Registered Nurse, Debbie has used her communication skills, media knowledge, musical and dramatic talents in ministry to impact people here and abroad. A former ASI National President, she was the first woman and first African American to be elected to that post. Debbie and her husband, Ray, live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where they founded their media ministry, Quiet Moment Ministries.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Debbie-Young-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-06T08:07:01"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9209,"SpeakerName":"Denzil McNeilus","SpeakerFirstName":"Denzil","SpeakerLastName":"McNeilus","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Denzil McNeilus is owner of Minnesota-based Sterling State Bank. He resides in Dodge Center, MN and is actively involved in several ministries and non-profit organizations. Both Denzil and his wife Donna have served as past Presidents of ASI. Denzil serves on ASI Board and also serves on ASI Missions, Inc. They are blessed with three children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and three beautiful grandchildren who are a constant source of joy in their lives! Together their entire family shares the same dedication and commitment to sharing Christ’s love with others all over the world.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Denzil-McNeilus-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-24T10:04:52"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16093,"SpeakerName":"Derek Morris","SpeakerFirstName":"Derek","SpeakerLastName":"Morris","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Derek Morris currently serves as President of Hope Channel, Inc., and host of Hope Sabbath School, an in-depth interactive study of the Word of God broadcast worldwide on Hope Channel. Prior to this appointment, he has served as a local church pastor, university professor, and associate secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association. His greatest joy is found in helping people to experience a life-changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Derek-Morris-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-23T16:06:01"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9297,"SpeakerName":"Don Macintosh","SpeakerFirstName":"Don","SpeakerLastName":"Mackintosh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Don Macintosh is the health evangelism leadership program director and campus chaplain at Weimar Institute. A pastor and former emergency room nurse, he helped to develop and host a half-hour program, “Health for a Lifetime,” that aired on 3ABN. He also developed the “From Health to Him” seminar, and authored the What’s the Connection? DVD series. He has also developed a new series of studies on Daniel and Revelation and the sanctuary, as well as putting together the Gospel Workers training course. He and his wife, Luminitsa, have four chlldren: Elizabeth, Katherine, Donald, and James","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Don-Mackintosh-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T12:07:17"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":305522,"SpeakerName":"Don Mackintosh","SpeakerFirstName":"Don","SpeakerLastName":"Mackintosh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Don Mackintosh Is a pastor in the Northern California conference. He serves with enthusiasm at Weimar Institute in a number of capacities including: -The Director of the HEALTH program (a four month health evangelism school) -A teacher at Weimar College -A spiritual counselor for the Depression & Anxiety Recovery program -The pastor of the newly planted Weimar Church He is married to Luminitsa (Constantinescu) Mackintosh. They have four growing children: James (8), Donnie (11), Katherine (13) and Elizabeth (16).","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-19T12:05:27"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15781,"SpeakerName":"Dr. Horst Mueller","SpeakerFirstName":"Horst","SpeakerLastName":"Mueller","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr Horst Mueller is an Otolaryngologist who studied medicine at the University at Freiburg, Germany. In 2004, Dr Mueller opened up a private practice in the town of Weinheim, Germany to help people with the aid of natural medicine. Over the past 12 years, Dr Mueller has extensively studied the relationship between the mind and body, noting the impact of thoughts on physical health. His findings have raised awareness and questions, creating numerous opportunities to speak around the world. Dr. Mueller and his wife have 6 adult foster children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-19T12:05:59"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15844,"SpeakerName":"Dr. John & Sally Kelly","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Kelly","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Kelly, MD, MPH, is a graduate of the Loma Linda School of Medicine and the School of Public Health. He specializes in Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine. Sally Kelly, BA, is a graduate of Radford University. She does accounting and is known as a superb vegetarian cook. Dr. Kelly serves as medical director and Sally as Treasurer for the Black Hills Health and Education Center in Hermosa, SD. Dr. John & Sally have established and helped run a number of Adventist Christian ministries, and also worked with secular non-profits. Though not lawyers or legal experts, they have personal experience starting four non-profits, three of which received IRS 501.c.3 status. Three were self-supporting ministries and one was a professional medical society. Sally has served as Treasurer or CFO for three 501.c.3's, including two self-supporting ministries. Together they filed the 1023 forms required for IRS 501.c.3 tax-exempt and the 940 income tax forms, etc. John drafted the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and formed and populated Boards and advisory boards. The Eden Way Place ministry including a café, bakery & store was established as a tax-exempt non-profit the 1990's. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine was established as a secular, professional non-profit in 2003. The Lifestyle Health Education, Inc. ministry was established as a church-affiliated tax-exempt outpatient lifestyle center in 2007. They are quite familiar with how to do it.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-26T16:05:23"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16230,"SpeakerName":"Duane McKey","SpeakerFirstName":"Duane","SpeakerLastName":"McKey","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Duane McKey is assistant to Elder Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, for Total Member Involvement. He is also the director of Sabbath School and Personal Ministries for the General Conference. Duane holds a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis on missions from Andrews University. His passion is sharing Jesus and helping others to share their love for Jesus through evangelistic activities. He is married to Kathy who works at the General Conference out of the president's office for outreach and social media. They have two children, Bracken McKey and Denae Brodis and three wonderful grandsons, Grant and Lance McKey and Michael Brodis.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Duane-McKey-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-08T13:07:02"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16207,"SpeakerName":"E. Edward Zinke","SpeakerFirstName":"Ed","SpeakerLastName":"Zinke","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"E. Edward Zinke is an active Adventist theologian and businessman who has published numerous articles and books including the first quarter 2010 Sabbath School quarterly and its accompanying book, The Certainty of the Second Coming. He's a doctoral candidate in systematic theology at the Catholic University of America. He served for almost two decades as the associate director for the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference. He also served as president of Ann's House of Nuts, an international food company, until 2008, when he and his wife sold the company. He's on the Board of Trustees for Andrews and Oakwood Universities, and serves on numerous committees for a variety of Adventist entities and institutions. He is on the Executive Committee of the General Conference and Vice-chairman of the White Estate Board of Directors. He is co-founder, past president and current treasurer for the Adventist Theological Society. He's active in the Spencerville, MD Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he teaches an adult Sabbath school class. He and his wife, Ann, have two sons and seven grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ed-Zinke-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-06T09:07:11"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16038,"SpeakerName":"Edwin and Maria Nebblett","SpeakerFirstName":"Edwin and Maria","SpeakerLastName":"Nebblett","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"After making some life changing decisions 24 years ago, Edwin and Maria began to experience God’s transforming power in their lives.  While homeschooling their sons and daughters, the family began traveling widely in 2004, sharing their testimony and speaking on the subjects of practical Christianity, marriage and the family.  In 2010 they founded Pathway of Promise and today they continue finding their greatest joy in partnering in ministry with their adult children and growing families. ","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/MariaEdwin-Nebblet-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-16T14:06:35"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9940,"SpeakerName":"Elder Ted Wilson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ted","SpeakerLastName":"Wilson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ted Wilson was re-elected president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church in July 2015. He served as assistant director and then director of Metropolitan Ministries in New York from 1976 to 1981, then went on to serve in the church’s African-Indian Ocean Division as departmental director and later as executive secretary. He holds a doctoral degree in religious education, a master of divinity degree, and a master of science degree in public health. He and his wife, Nancy, have three daughters—Emilie, Elizabeth, and Catherine—and five grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ted-Wilson-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-06-12T16:06:47"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":316730,"SpeakerName":"Elías Baquero","SpeakerFirstName":"Elias","SpeakerLastName":"Baquero","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Born in Valencia, Venezuela, Elias and his family moved to Florida in 1995 where he grew up. He was first converted and burdened with the need to share the gospel in 2011. He recently graduated from nursing school and is working to put his siblings through school. He has a passion for helping others and desires to use his medical knowledge in conjunction with the counsel of the Spirit of Prophecy to reach others for Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-25T13:05:01"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":984745,"SpeakerName":"Eric Walsh MD DrPH","SpeakerFirstName":"Eric","SpeakerLastName":"Walsh","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr Walsh is a graduate of the University of Miami school of Medicine and Loma Linda University school of Public Health, where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. Dr. Walsh has served as a missionary in Guam as well as doing mission work in several developing countries. He has been a leader for many organizations ranging from government to private sector to his own companies. He has served two US presidents as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. He is now a practicing physician and medical director at a large multi-specialty medical group. His preaching and teaching ministry has taken him all over the world. He continues to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to diverse parts of the globe through the spoken word and medical missions.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-05T18:06:21"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":13254,"SpeakerName":"Ethan McGrath","SpeakerFirstName":"Ethan","SpeakerLastName":"McGrath","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ethan McGrath has a passion for sharing music that brings hope and joy to its hearers and fosters a sense of community among its participants. His favorite means of doing so is as a composer and conductor of sacred choral works, in addition to his frequent performances as pianist and organist. A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Ethan has also studied at Southern Adventist University and Friedensau Adventist University in Germany, where he received the Herbert Blomstedt Prize for his many musical activities. For his compositions, he has also received prizes from the Lawson-Gould Publishing Company and the Southeastern Composers’ League.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ethan-McGrath-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T13:07:09"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9073,"SpeakerName":"Evelyn Kissinger","SpeakerFirstName":"Evelyn","SpeakerLastName":"Kissinger","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Evelyn Kissinger, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian and wellness expert. Evelyn is the nutrition director for Lifestyle Matters and co-producer of all the Lifestyle Matters materials and programs. She is also the director of Lifestyle Matters at Work, a corporate wellness program. Her bachelor’s degree in dietetics is from the University of Tennessee and her master’s degree in business is from Andrews University. She speaks and teaches worldwide, and has been developing and implementing wellness programs, books, and teaching materials for more than 30 years.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Evelyn-Kissinger-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-05T20:04:33"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9076,"SpeakerName":"Frank Fournier","SpeakerFirstName":"Frank","SpeakerLastName":"Fournier","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Frank Fournier, born and raised in a French Canadian home, gave his heart to Jesus at age 25. He served as president of Woodland Park Foundation in Northern Ontario, taught Bible at Fountainview Academy, and served for ten years in Zambia, Africa, as director for Riverside Farm Institute. He also served as executive vice president for Outpost Centers International, and president of Eden Valley Institute. He is currently president of ASI.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Frank-Fournier-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-06T09:04:14"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9299,"SpeakerName":"Harold Lance","SpeakerFirstName":"Harold","SpeakerLastName":"Lance","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Harold Lance lives with his wife, Joan, in Spokane, Washington. They have three children and eight grandchildren. He practiced law in California for 32 years, and also served in the army as a special agent for the Counter Intelligence Corps. After retirement, he served for nine years as president of Outpost Centers International. He is also a past president of ASI and serves as president of ASI Missions Inc.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Harold-Lance.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T13:07:39"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16229,"SpeakerName":"Heidi Carpenter","SpeakerFirstName":"Heidi","SpeakerLastName":"Carpenter","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Heidi Carpenter began a real relationship with Jesus at the age of 16 and chose to dedicate her life to sharing the gospel with others. After getting involved in ministry, she went to SOULS West, Pacific Union’s School of Evangelism. Since graduation, she has worked as a Bible worker and the Associate Director of Literature Ministries for the Central California Conference. Currently, Heidi serves as the Student Literature Ministries Director for the Southern California Conference.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Heidi-Carpenter-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-08T13:07:07"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":13338,"SpeakerName":"Henry Martin","SpeakerFirstName":"Henry","SpeakerLastName":"Martin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Henry Martin","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Henry-Martin-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-29T10:07:56"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":311094,"SpeakerName":"James L. Marcum M.D. FACC","SpeakerFirstName":"James","SpeakerLastName":"Marcum","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"James L. Marucm M.D. FACC is a practicing Cardiologist with the Chattanooga Heart Institute specializing in disease reversal. He is speaker/director of Heartwise Ministries, author of the 7-week Bible study “Biblical Prescriptions for Life,” and regularly shares his expertise in health on the radio program “Heartwise with Charles Mills” which can be heard on over 300 radio affiliates worldwide. Dr. Marcum also shares his faith-based approach to healing with the 3 Angels Broadcasting Network audience on the weekly broadcast of “Ultimate Prescription,” where Dr. Marcum addresses current health issues and Biblical remedies. Dr. Marcum’s latest books, “Ultimate Prescription” and “Medicines that Kill” (Tyndale Press), point the reader to the Ultimate Physician as the authority in health. Dr. Marcum and his wife Sonya have 2 children and reside in Chattanooga Tennessee where they enjoy the great outdoors and music.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-22T14:05:46"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":335805,"SpeakerName":"JAMES RAFFERTY / CO-DIRECTOR / SPEAKER, LIGHT BEARERS","SpeakerFirstName":"James","SpeakerLastName":"Rafferty","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"JAMES RAFFERTY / CO-DIRECTOR / SPEAKER, LIGHT BEARERS James Rafferty became a follower of Jesus Christ at 21, and sensed early on God’s call to preach the good news of a crucified and risen Savior. Since that initial urging, the Holy Spirit has opened doors for James to share God’s incomparable love in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and all over America. In addition to his preaching ministry, he also conducts seminars on the books of Daniel and Revelation for pastors and laity alike. James is married to his wife of 27 years, Risë. They have two wonderful children, Jeiel, 24, and Kierra, 19. They enjoy gardening and love to spend hot days on the lake.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-05T10:06:22"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":313046,"SpeakerName":"Jamie Jean Schneider","SpeakerFirstName":"Jamie","SpeakerLastName":"Schneider","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jamie Jean Schneider has over ten years experience building results-focused, integrated digital marketing strategies. Miss Schneider joined the North American Division last summer as their Digital Strategist. The digital strategist position is part of a newly created department, Social Media + Big Data, that serves to connect members and mission through technology. Prior to that, she was the digital strategist for the Smithsonian Associates, the largest museum-based education program in the world. This division of the Smithsonian Institution annually offers more than 800 seminars, performances, lectures, studio art classes, and local and regional study tours. During her five years at the Smithsonian Associates, she was responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies for email and social media that led to explosive growth, contributing significantly to the organization becoming revenue neutral for the first time in fifty years. Miss Schneider is also the former digital marketing manager of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. During her time managing the BSO’s e-commerce strategy, the Symphony received national recognition for its technological achievements. The BSO was voted best orchestra in the metropolitan area by the Washington City Paper, which noted that “This is one tech-happy organization, and it pursues a Web strategy that a newspaper publisher or two could perhaps borrow from.” The BSO also received the Orchestra Website Review Special Recognition Award in 2009 for its marketing innovations. She has presented on digital marketing all around North America for events such as the Society of Adventist Communicators, ASI International Convention, International Tessitura Conference, the Montgomery County (Maryland) Arts Council, Capacity Interactive Digital Marketing Boot Camp in NYC, Columbia Union ASI Conference, Adventist Ministries Convention, the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium, and more.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-23T09:05:23"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":310993,"SpeakerName":"JARED THURMON","SpeakerFirstName":"JARED","SpeakerLastName":"THURMON","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jared and his wife Annette are newbie farmers with their alpacas and chickens keeping them busy most days. Jared is also the Director of Strategy & Innovation for ARtv. He believes that all of us have an entrepreneurial calling waiting to be unleashed.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-22T08:05:31"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15808,"SpeakerName":"Jared Thurmon","SpeakerFirstName":"Jared","SpeakerLastName":"Thurmon","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jared is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring innovation. He is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Adventist Review. His favorite quote is “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-23T14:05:09"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9117,"SpeakerName":"Jennifer Jill Schwirzer","SpeakerFirstName":"Jennifer Jill","SpeakerLastName":"Schwirzer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jennifer Jill Schwirzer lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Fred. Jennifer’s ministry and professional profile includes authoring more than ten books, recording hundreds of original songs, and running a professional counseling practice. Most importantly, she loves Jesus and lives to share His love.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Jennifer-Schwirzer-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-13T14:04:43"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":311093,"SpeakerName":"Jim and Virginia Davidson","SpeakerFirstName":"Jim and Virginia","SpeakerLastName":"Davidson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Jim and Virginia Davidson grew up as Seventh-day Adventists. They met while teaching at a self-supporting academy in Tennessee. “Science evangelism” has been their great interest together for 39 years. Jim has also worked as a statistician and scientist in environmental cleanup, and in software development. Virginia is a writer and stained-glass artist. She’s passionate about the God who is love and what He is doing in the universe. They have two grown daughters.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-22T14:05:41"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9292,"SpeakerName":"John Bradshaw","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Bradshaw","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Bradshaw has, since January 1, 2011, served as the speaker/director of It Is Written media ministry. In his nearly two decades of ministry, John has held more than 100 evangelistic series. His series have spanned six out of seven continents and impacted hundreds of cities. From working internationally on evangelistic projects to speaking at Partnership meetings, to authoring books, to working at home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, John continues to energetically lead the It Is Written ministry team and impact the world for Christ and His soon return. He and his wife, Melissa, have two children.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/John-Bradshaw-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T14:07:54"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16188,"SpeakerName":"John Bradshaw","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Bradshaw","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"John Bradshaw is the Speaker/Director of It Is Written, a global media evangelism ministry founded in 1956 by George Vandeman and headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Married to Melissa and the father of two children, Pastor Bradshaw is an evangelist, pastor, writer, and the presenter of It Is Written's English-language television programs and the daily devotional “Every Word.”","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/John-Bradshaw-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-05T13:07:29"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16103,"SpeakerName":"John Chung, MD","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Chung","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. John Chung is a successful dermatologist. He measures his success not by the financial gains, but by the number of souls won to Christ.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/John-Chung-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-24T22:06:27"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15788,"SpeakerName":"John Shin, M.D.","SpeakerFirstName":"John","SpeakerLastName":"Shin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. John Shin graduated from Loma Linda University Medical School in 2014 and is currently doing his internal medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He plans to pursue a fellowship in Hematology/Oncology and looks forward to sharing the hope of Christ with those facing terminal illnesses. He is blessed to have the love and support of his wife Elisa and two daughters, Sophia and Charis.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-20T00:05:48"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1000777,"SpeakerName":"Joshua Vazquez","SpeakerFirstName":"Joshua","SpeakerLastName":"Vazquez","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Joshua Vazquez is a wellness coach and bible worker at the Oak Harbor Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Oak Harbor, Washington. He has a passion for combining evangelism and wellness to reach souls with the complete, life-changing message of the remnant church. He lives with his lovely wife Hope in Oak Harbor, Washington.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-14T21:06:27"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":310956,"SpeakerName":"Julian Archer","SpeakerFirstName":"Julian","SpeakerLastName":"Archer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"After a fast-paced business career, Julian retired in his thirties and founded the ministry Faith
 vs Finance. He is also author of the book, HELP! I’ve Been Blessed: How to stop God’s blessings from becoming curses. Julian loves to share his Christ-centred testimony to encourage and inspire others to turn their eyes upon Jesus. He is married to a Proverbs 31 wife, Melinda, and has two great sons. They live in southern Queensland, Australia.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-21T18:05:06"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":310957,"SpeakerName":"Julian Archer","SpeakerFirstName":"Julian","SpeakerLastName":"Archer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"After a fast-paced business career, Julian retired in his thirties and founded the ministry Faith
 vs Finance. He is also author of the book, HELP! I’ve Been Blessed: How to stop God’s blessings from becoming curses. Julian loves to share his Christ-centred testimony to encourage and inspire others to turn their eyes upon Jesus. He is married to a Proverbs 31 wife, Melinda, and has two great sons. They live in southern Queensland, Australia.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-21T19:05:49"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":311047,"SpeakerName":"Justin Kim","SpeakerFirstName":"Justin","SpeakerLastName":"Kim","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Justin Kim is Assistant Director and CQ Editor of the Sabbath School Department for the General Conference. He attended a Catholic high school and the Jewish-sponsored Brandeis University with degrees in sociology and biology before working in research at Harvard Medical School. Having studied at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, he has served as a missionary, pastor, producer, department director, and co-founder of GYC. His wife Rachel and he have two sons, Noah and Nathaniel.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-22T12:05:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16197,"SpeakerName":"Kelly Coffin","SpeakerFirstName":"Kelly","SpeakerLastName":"Coffin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Kelly Coffin became a committed Seventh Day Adventist Christian through interaction with several SDA businessmen. He is a husband, father, and founder/CEO of several companies including WayFare Inc., a plant-based, natural food manufacturer in Bozeman, Montana. Kelly believes that mission and business cannot be separated and that true economic success is measured only in Heavens currency – people.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Kelly-Coffin-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-05T18:07:05"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9291,"SpeakerName":"Kyle Allen","SpeakerFirstName":"Kyle","SpeakerLastName":"Allen","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Kyle Allen is secretary/treasurer of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries. Before coming to ASI, he was the senior pastor of the Mentone Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mentone, California. He is a graduate of the seminary at Andrews University. He is passionate about the role of lay people in finishing the work. He attended the Youth for Jesus program sponsored by ASI and he has a passion for evangelism and in engaging young adults in mission.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Kyle-Allen-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T12:07:10"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16124,"SpeakerName":"Laura Im","SpeakerFirstName":"Laura","SpeakerLastName":"Im","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Laura Im is the Director of Human Resources for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She previously served in the Planned Giving Department of Amazing Facts, Inc. at their headquarters in Roseville, CA. Laura completed her bachelor's degree in English/French Studies from Andrews University. She then obtained her law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in her native Canada. Laura worked mainly in criminal and real estate law before turning her attention to ministry full-time. Laura's interests include ministering to students and young professionals, reading, traveling, and finding new adventures with her husband Andy and daughter Olivia.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Laura-Im-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-27T23:06:33"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9086,"SpeakerName":"Lilya Wagner","SpeakerFirstName":"Lilya","SpeakerLastName":"Wagner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Lilya Wagner is director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions, a department of the North America Division, and is on the faculty of the School of Philanthropy at Indiana University as well as St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. Previously, Lilya was vice president for Philanthropy at Counterpart International in Washington, D.C., an international development organization. During fourteen years of association with the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, she served as associate director of The Fund Raising School and director of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute. She is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter in North America and internationally. Her published writings include articles and book chapters on philanthropy, fundraising, and the nonprofit sector.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Lilya-Wagner-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-07T09:04:18"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9205,"SpeakerName":"Lyndi Schwartz","SpeakerFirstName":"Lyndi","SpeakerLastName":"Schwartz","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Lyndi Schwartz is a physician practicing in Kettering, Ohio. She has been married to Brian Schwartz for 25 years and is quite proud of that. Although she has many hobbies, her favorite is studying the Word of God and sharing it with others.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Lyndi-Schwartz-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-23T15:04:24"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":314923,"SpeakerName":"Lyndi Schwartz","SpeakerFirstName":"Lyndi","SpeakerLastName":"Schwartz","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Lyndi Schwartz a graduate from Loma Linda University, is an Internal Medicine physician at Kettering Medical Center in Kettering OH. She is involved in various ministries one of which has as its emphasis, sharing the good news of Christ our righteousness. The book of Galatians is one of her passions. She teaches a large Sabbath School class at her home church in Ohio. She is married to Brian Schwartz.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-24T15:05:02"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":311092,"SpeakerName":"Mark Finley","SpeakerFirstName":"Mark","SpeakerLastName":"Finley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Use this link to find the photo that best fits your needs https://www.flickr.com/photos/gccommunication/sets/72157627880475052/ A native of Connecticut, USA, Pastor Finley serves as Assistant to the President of the General Conference, appointed at the 2010 General Conference Session in Atlanta. Prior to this he became a vice president at the 2005 General Conference Session in St. Louis, after serving nearly two years as general field secretary at the world headquarters, directing the Center for Global Evangelism. As assistant to the president he continues to work with evangelism and television as his primary portfolio. Evangelism is where he made his mark on the world, presenting more than 200 evangelistic campaigns around the globe in about 100 countries with the resulting baptisms numbering in the thousands. His best known association is as a television speaker for the series Experience Hope a weekly broadcast of the Hope Channel; for 20 years as speaker for the It Is Written telecast; and he became a pioneer of satellite evangelism technology when he launched the first NET evangelism satellite series broadcast in North America in1995, and again in 1996, 2000 and 2008. He has preached more than 20 NET series broadcasts throughout the world with millions in attendance. He has used his preaching and evangelism gifts to teach others in seminars, field schools and evangelism institutes. He has written nearly 100 books as well as numerous seminar presentations, major evangelistic series sermons, teaching manuals and magazine articles. His recorded seminars and series number about 20 and are available for purchase in various media formats. He also writes a Bible study lesson published monthly in Adventist World and has been principal author of the Sabbath School Quarterly on more than one occasion. Mark Finley and his wife, Ernestine “Teenie” have teamed up in ministry throughout the years. Teenie is known world-wide for teaching Natural Lifestyle Cooking and has authored a cookbook, instructor’s manual and workbook sharing her down-to-earth approach to nutrition, conducting evangelism training seminars, health expos and cooking classes across the world. Together they have been involved in Christian ministry for over 40 years- preaching, teaching and offering spiritual growth workshops, conducted over 100 evangelistic series that have spanned the globe with sermons translated into over 50 languages. In April 2016 the Living Hope Church Growth and Evangelism Training Center was opened in Hay Market, Virginia. From this location pastor Finley and Teenie continue from a central place the ministry they have conducted in over 100 countries world-wide. Classes will focus on the Christ- centered Biblical principles that the Holy Spirit has guided him into in evangelistic proclamation and church growth with younger pastors. In 2016 alone Living Hope shared spiritual food to over 200 pastors and lay people. The Living Hope School of Evangelism and Southern Adventist University established a Master’s Degree in Comprehensive Evangelistic Outreach and Mission with the curriculum beginning in July 2017. Together they share a family of three grown children; Deborah, Rebecca and Mark Jr and five adored grandchildren.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-22T14:05:03"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16185,"SpeakerName":"Martin Pröbstle","SpeakerFirstName":"Martin","SpeakerLastName":"Proebstle","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Martin Pröbstle, PhD, is the dean of the Theology Department and professor of Old Testament at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. He is married to Marianne, and they call two energetic university students their sons. He is passionate about studying and teaching the Bible with »fresh eyes«, discovering the power of Its ancient words anew with others. At the moment, he listens attentively to the messages of Daniel and Zechariah and enjoys lingering in God’s sanctuary. And he wants to see Jesus.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Martin-Proebstle-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-04T17:07:06"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":309140,"SpeakerName":"Melody Mason","SpeakerFirstName":"Melody","SpeakerLastName":"Mason","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Melody Mason is passionate about Jesus and about helping people develop a vibrant walk with Him. She coordinates the United in Prayer program and assists with resource development for the Revival and Reformation initiatives at the General Conference in Silver Spring Maryland. (To learn more visit: www.revivalandreformation.org) She is also the author of the book Daring to Ask for More: Divine Keys for Answered Prayer. Melody loves to write, hike, spend time in nature, and whenever possible, she volunteers her time in overseas missions. (IF you need to delete a sentence, please delete the last one, not the first one.)","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-21T13:05:00"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":986414,"SpeakerName":"Melody Mason","SpeakerFirstName":"Melody","SpeakerLastName":"Mason","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Use same as last year","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-06T19:06:20"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":309117,"SpeakerName":"Michael Dant","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Dant","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael Dant is a 4th-generation Seventh-day Adventist who fell in love with Jesus thirty years after his baptism. He attributes this tragic delay to a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to surrender to Jesus. Now Michael seeks to share this transformational key to Delighting in the Almighty through seminars, weeks of prayer, and spiritual retreats around the world. Michael teaches Computer Science at Southern Adventist University. Check out the free “Delighting” app and other resources at the ministry website: delighting.org","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-20T23:05:30"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9075,"SpeakerName":"Michael E. Cafferky","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Cafferky","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael Cafferky holds The Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Southern Adventist University where he has served since the Fall of 2003. Prior to this, he served for twenty years in the healthcare industry in middle and senior management. He also has experience working in the construction and manufacturing industries. He is the author of eight books, including the college textbook Management: A Faith-based Perspective (Pearson Education, Inc.) and Business Ethics in Biblical Perspective: A Comprehensive Introduction (InterVarsity Press). In 2013, Dr. Cafferky received the Sharon G. Johnson Award from the Christian Business Faculty Association, an international recognition for his efforts toward integrating faith and business scholarship. Dr. Cafferky and his wife, Marlene, have two grown sons: Bryan is professor in Marriage & Family Therapy at Loma Linda University; Nolan is a project manager and senior software engineer at K3 Integrations, LLC, a software consulting firm.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Michael-Cafferky-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-06T08:04:06"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9393,"SpeakerName":"Michael G. Hasel","SpeakerFirstName":"Michael","SpeakerLastName":"Hasel","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael G. Hasel, PhD, is professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at Southern Adventist University and director of the Institute of Archaeology and Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum. He has published widely and has appeared on documentaries for AnchorPoint Films, the Hope Channel, 3ABN, and National Geographic. He has worked in the Middle East as an archaeologist for more than 25 years, currently as co-director of The Fourth Expedition to Lachish. He and his wife, Giselle, a professor of Art History and Illustration at Southern, have two daughters who love the Lord and ASI—Daniella and Sarah.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Michael-Hasel-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-19T18:05:16"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1501006,"SpeakerName":"Michael James Tuazon","SpeakerFirstName":"michael","SpeakerLastName":"tuazon","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michael received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside. During his collegiate years he was a member of Delta Sigma Pi (Business Fraternity) while serving as Vice President of the prestigious INROADS Internship program. He became a Consultant for an investment firm then became a project manager for a developer in Southern California. He was living a life of rebellion and selfish ambition while climbing the corporate ladder when the Lord gave him a near-Damascus experience. Through a series of supernatural events, the Lord transformed him from a hard-heartened sinner into a sold out soul winner. He has since shared his testimony numerous times including 3ABN, Soquel Camp Meeting & Trinity Broadcasting Network. Currently he is the Director at SOULS West, the Pacific Union’s school of leadership and evangelism. His greatest accomplishment was somehow convincing Candice to spend the rest of her life with him. His greatest joy is telling “everybody about somebody, who can save anybody”","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2019-05-13T00:05:03"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":978160,"SpeakerName":"Michelle Doucoumes","SpeakerFirstName":"Michelle","SpeakerLastName":"Doucoumes","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Michelle Doucoumes serves as an assistant professor of business at Southern Adventist University, where she also coordinates the Institute for Ethical Leadership and teaches for the SALT (Soul-winning and Leadership Training) program. Michelle loves sharing the Jesus who has saved her, and she believes that God is calling people of all occupations - including business - to vibrant ministry.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-01T14:06:50"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16130,"SpeakerName":"Natasha Dysinger","SpeakerFirstName":"Natasha","SpeakerLastName":"Dysinger","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Natasha (Nebblett) Dysinger is a happy homemaker, and speaker / writer for Pathway of Promise. She is passionate about ministry to young people, with a special emphasis on young women having a vision for the beauty and potential of their ministry in the home and abroad, as presented in the Scriptures. She also has a heart for orphans and victims of sex trafficking. She loves family and gardening, and is the very happy wife of Paul Dysinger. They work, travel, and minister together from their home base in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Natasha-Dysinger-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-28T12:06:50"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9296,"SpeakerName":"Neil Nedley","SpeakerFirstName":"Neil","SpeakerLastName":"Nedley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Neil Nedley, MD, is the president of Weimar Institute and a physician who specializes in internal medicine, mental health, and the difficult to diagnose patient. He is the founder of Nedley Health Solutions, founder and author of the widely acclaimed Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program, and the author of many books on a variety of health-related topics. He has lectured and taught extensively around the globe on nutrition and lifestyle. Dr. Nedley and his wife, Erica, have four sons.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Neil-Nedley-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-07-22T12:07:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16191,"SpeakerName":"Neil Nedley","SpeakerFirstName":"Neil","SpeakerLastName":"Nedley","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"s President of Weimar Institute, and is a practicing physician, and author of Proof Positive, the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program, The Lost Art of Thinking and Optimize Your Brain. He has been married 31 years to his wife Erica, and they have four sons, age 24, 23,19, and 13. Dr. Nedley has published research with over 30 studies published in the peer reviewed scientific literature, including studies on the role of sex, marriage, and emotional intelligence. Neil and Erica Nedley have consistently rated their marriage as happy, blissful and productive as they not only work on pleasing each other, but also work together on pleasing and being a blessing to others. Dr. Nedley and Erica attribute their success to a brain optimization lifestyle that includes habitual prayers of faith. Find out how to achieve balance in your personal life, marriage, family life, ministry, and career without sacrificing true success and fulfillment.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Neil-Nedley-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-05T16:07:28"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15782,"SpeakerName":"Nelson Ernst","SpeakerFirstName":"Nelson","SpeakerLastName":"Ernst","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Nelson Ernst is the main founder and leading director of GLOW; an official GC Publishing literature distribution ministry which has spread across the globe, printing over 64 million tracts since fall of 2007. GLOW’s aim is to get everyone to carry tracts in their pockets for daily sharing as well as to orchestrate large mission trip endeavors to distribute millions of tracts at large gatherings or in remote areas untouched by Adventism.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-19T13:05:53"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9138,"SpeakerName":"Norman Reitz","SpeakerFirstName":"Norman","SpeakerLastName":"Reitz","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Norman Reitz studied physics at Stanford University and law at the University of California Berkeley. Practiced law for most of four decades in the San Francisco Bay Area. Active in the Hayward Seventh-day Adventist Church as Elder and Sabbath School Superintendent. As lay evangelist preached a dozen full message meetings using Share Him, New Beginnings and personal materials. As ASI officer trained laypersons in dozens of countries to use the New Beginnings materials to carry out public evangelism and to hold small group meetings. Enjoy hiking and biking and second home in Hawaii.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Norman-Reitz-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-15T10:04:12"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9143,"SpeakerName":"Patsy Arrabito","SpeakerFirstName":"Patsy","SpeakerLastName":"Arrabito","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Patsy Arrabito, president of LLT Productions, has devoted her life to communicating truths for these times through media ministry. She is the executive producer of the documentary series, “The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages of History,” and the award-winning feature film, “Hell and Mr. Fudge.” She holds a master’s degree in counseling from Loma Linda University. She has shared her journey with audiences around the world, but considers her most accomplished role that of mother and grandmother. Patsy lives in Angwin, California.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Patsy-Arrabito-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-15T14:04:20"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16046,"SpeakerName":"Pavel Goia","SpeakerFirstName":"Pavel","SpeakerLastName":"Goia","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Pavel Goia knew at a young age that God had called him to ministry. Born and raised in communist Romania, he didn’t find it easy to follow that calling. After drifting during his teenage years, his life took a proverbial turn, and he promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was tested almost immediately. The events that ensued are chronicled in the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story, by Gregg Budd. Pavel pursued careers in engineering, private business, and law before finally settling into his calling as a minister. Today he pastors the Lexington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, and is a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for the North American Division, as well as a doctoral candidate at Andrews University. His life continues to be one miracle after another.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Pavel-Goia-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-20T13:06:09"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16187,"SpeakerName":"Radim Passer","SpeakerFirstName":"Radim","SpeakerLastName":"Passer","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Radim Passer was born in 1963. In 1991, he went into business and set up PASSERINVEST GROUP, which has ranked among the most recognized development companies on the Czech market. Radim Passer is grateful to God for his success in business, having embraced Him after his first-born son died in 1998. He is behind a number of missionary and charity projects, along with founding Maranatha Civic Association. Radim Passer is married and has 3 sons.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Radim-Passer-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-05T10:07:04"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16231,"SpeakerName":"Ranela Kaligithi","SpeakerFirstName":"Ranela","SpeakerLastName":"Kaligithi","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"For the past 10 years, Ranela Kaligithi has served in ministry of various kinds, including literature ministry, preaching overseas, teaching and training church members in evangelism. Since graduating from SOULS West Bible college in 2010, Ranela has been working in the Literature Ministries Department of the Central California Conference. Her main responsibilities include organizing California Youth Rush, a literature evangelism program during the summer, and overseeing Bible Workers in her conference. She enjoys heart-pumping exercise, reading or vegan cooking during her down time.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ranela-Kaligithi-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-08T13:07:46"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":362693,"SpeakerName":"Ranela Kaligithi","SpeakerFirstName":"Ranela","SpeakerLastName":"Kaligithi","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ranela Kaligithi has been blessed to serve in various types of ministries over the past 12 years. At the age of 15, she found herself preaching to thousands of people in Ethiopia, and shortly thereafter began the exciting journey of 12 years of literature evangelism. After attending a leadership and evangelism Bible college, she served in California as a trainer of Bible workers and coordinator of the literature evangelism program, "Youth Rush". Currently, she is pursuing an MBA and a career in Nursing. During her downtime, she enjoys heart-pumping exercise, reading, and cooking.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-19T19:06:49"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9099,"SpeakerName":"Ray Hamblin","SpeakerFirstName":"Ray","SpeakerLastName":"Hamblin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ray Hamblin is the CEO of The Hamblin Company, Inc, and HOPE (Hamblin’s Outreach Publications Enterprises which he founded in l974). He served as ASI President from l989-l995, and as President of Missions, Inc. l995-1997. He is currently the chair of ASI’S LIFE Board. Ray was elected as the chair of Printing Industries of Michigan Self-Insured Workmen’s Compensation group, 2000-2005 He also served his church as a member of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Executive Committee from l989-1995 the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Publishing Commission, l991-2000 and was a member of the Lake Union Conference Board of Trustees, l985-1995. The Hamblin Company has won more than 30 awards from the Graphic Arts Industry and was the recipient of the BENNY AWARD ( the “Oscar” of the Graphic Arts Industry). Ray is a committed church member who serves as head elder and Personal Ministries Director. In addition to his love of flying, Ray is an avid reader. He is married to Madlyn and they have two adult children and one grandchild.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ray-Hamblin-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-08T16:04:08"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15787,"SpeakerName":"Rick McEdward","SpeakerFirstName":"Rick","SpeakerLastName":"McEdward","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Rick is the President of the Middle East and North Africa Union. He and his family have spent years in church planting and mission service. Rick lived in the Middle East during his youth, and developed an interest in Islam.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-19T20:05:02"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9152,"SpeakerName":"Robert Hunsaker","SpeakerFirstName":"Robert","SpeakerLastName":"Hunsaker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Robert Hunsaker is a practicing physician in the Boston area. He is an active elder in his local church, teaches Sabbath school, and shares the gospel of righteousness by faith through ASI, AMEN, and the 1888MSC. He has enjoyed making a study of how the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are being increasingly supported by contemporary scientific research.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Robert-Hunsaker-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-15T21:04:25"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":318540,"SpeakerName":"Robert Hunsaker","SpeakerFirstName":"Robert","SpeakerLastName":"Hunsaker","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Robert Hunsaker is a physician practicing in Boston. He is active in outreach through ASI, 1888MSC, AMEN, and his local church as an elder, SSteacher, and occasional speaker. He travels annuallly to South America on medical missions. His passion is sharing the 1888 message of Christ's righteousness, and also where theology and science intersect. He is happily married for 23years to Andi Hunsaker","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-26T17:05:02"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9290,"SpeakerName":"Ron Clouzet","SpeakerFirstName":"Ron","SpeakerLastName":"Clouzet","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ron Clouzet is secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and director of the NAD Evangelism Institute. Previously he was dean of the School of Religion and professor of theology and ministry at Southern Adventist University where some 160 theology majors have led more than 4,800 souls to baptism in the last five years. In addition to administrative responsibilities, he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in ministry, preaching, prophetic guidance, evangelism, the gospels, and Christian spirituality. He is married to Lisa Clouzet, and they have three young adult children: Christoffer, Alexander, and Stefani","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ron-Clouzet-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-08T07:05:46"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":307335,"SpeakerName":"Ron Duffield","SpeakerFirstName":"Ron","SpeakerLastName":"Duffield","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ron is a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventist. His great-great-grandfather even attended the 1888 General Conference. Ron and his wife spent nearly fifteen years at Weimar Institute where he served in the NEWSTART program and as college librarian. There he began his work on "The Return of the Latter Rain", published in 2010. The second volume in the series,"Wounded in the House of His Friends," will be published in 2014. Ron currently works as a respiratory therapist in Walla Walla, Washington.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-20T00:05:57"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":318539,"SpeakerName":"Ron Woolsey","SpeakerFirstName":"Ron","SpeakerLastName":"Woolsey","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ron Woolsey is pastor of the Marshall & Clinton, Arkansas Seventh-day Adventist Churches and is speaker/co-founder of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, presenting redemptive messages of love, compassion, and power to overcome, even regarding the LGBT culture. Ron travels extensively both at home and abroad sharing his testimony of divine rescue from a previous lifestyle of self-destruction, shared so that others may know that “nothing is impossible with God…” Through this multi-faceted ministry, Ron contends that our God is mighty to save, the "whosoevers", from "whatsoever", even "to the uttermost."","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-26T16:05:51"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":323894,"SpeakerName":"Ruben Dias","SpeakerFirstName":"Ruben","SpeakerLastName":"Dias","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ruben Dias has an entrepreneurial track record of planning, creating and managing dozens of business ventures in Europe, North America and Dubai. As a smart money investor, he founded FastTrack.VC, an early stage venture capital firm. Ruben founded his first bootstrapping company in college when he was just twenty-one and before finishing business school. During his 25 years of entrepreneurship, four of his companies were acquired by multinationals such as Tyco International and Solarwinds. Ruben is a big fan of people who can create something significant from scratch. He is specially passionate on educating, coaching and motivating young entrepreneurs by using inspiring biblical principals and examples.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-28T17:05:14"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9353,"SpeakerName":"Rusty McKee","SpeakerFirstName":"Rusty","SpeakerLastName":"McKee","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Rusty McKee, along with his sister and cousins who work at the family bakery, has attended succession planning programs from the Cox Family Enterprise Center and Loyola University Chicago Family Business Center. God has blessed their family business through these educational opportunities that resulted in a smooth succession from the second to third generation. Experiencing the succession process has caused him to have a passion to share key learnings to help more ministries and businesses from needlessly disappearing.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Rusty-McKee-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-15T15:05:56"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":313047,"SpeakerName":"Ryan T. Hayes","SpeakerFirstName":"Ryan","SpeakerLastName":"Hayes","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Dr. Ryan T. Hayes, Professor of Chemistry, has been teaching chemistry at Andrews University since 2009. He has a passion for helping people of all ages to see and appreciate the chemical design of Earth. Dr. Hayes’ research involves studying carcinogens in burnt plant proteins, developing new applications for nanopolymers, and analyzing various minerals in food. He is also learning what it means to be a Chemical Missionary.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-23T09:05:20"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":305489,"SpeakerName":"Shawn Boonstra","SpeakerFirstName":"Shawn","SpeakerLastName":"Boonstra","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Shawn Boonstra is speaker/director for the Voice of Prophecy. His broadcasts, live seminars and books have been a source of inspiration around the globe, and over the years, his live events have been presented on every continent except Antarctica. His clear grasp of Scripture and keen understanding of current events will give you a greater depth of biblical understanding and will help you find peace of mind in a troubled world. .","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-19T00:05:51"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9146,"SpeakerName":"Shelley J. Quinn","SpeakerFirstName":"Shelley","SpeakerLastName":"Quinn","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Shelley J. Quinn serves as speaker and co-director for Word Warrior Ministries. As a best-selling Christian author and popular Bible teacher, she travels extensively in the United States and internationally, preaching the gospel of Christ at revivals, retreats, and camp meetings. She serves as program development manager at Three Angels Broadcasting Network, and hosts “Pressing in to His Presence” and other series seen around the world on 3ABN.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Shelley-Quinn-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-15T17:04:21"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9998,"SpeakerName":"Steve Allred","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Allred","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steve Allred is the pastor of the Yuba City (Calif.) Seventh-day Adventist Church and also serves in a volunteer capacity as “of counsel” with the Church State Council, the religious liberty department of the Pacific Union Conference. Steve’s legal practice includes representing plaintiffs who are requesting religious accommodation in the workplace, prisoners who are seeking to follow their conscience, and others who are impacted by religious liberty issues. Steve is married to Cheri, an ophthalmologist, and they live with their son, Eli, in Auburn, California","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Steve-Allred-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-06-18T17:06:45"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9289,"SpeakerName":"Steve Dickman","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Dickman","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steve Dickman has served in the capacity of president and general business manager at Harbert Hills Academy for nearly 25 years. This supporting ministry school continues to follow the balanced model of education we find in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. He also serves as the vice president for membership and recruitment for ASI, and assists with leadership for The Layman Foundation, The E. A. Sutherland Education Association, and a number of other supporting ministries. Steve and his wife, Brenda, are parents to two grown and married children and have the joy of one grandson. Encouraging supporting ministries, evangelism, and mission work are some of Steve’s favorite activities.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Steve-Dickman-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-07T21:05:38"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15785,"SpeakerName":"Steve Dickman","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Dickman","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"For the past 25 years, Steve has served in the capacity of President and General Business Manager at Harbert Hills Academy in Savannah Tennessee. Steve also serves as the ASI President and enjoys assisting Non Profit’s with developing strategies for effectiveness. Steve and his wife Brenda are parents to two grown and married daughters and have the joy of two grandsons. Encouraging supporting ministries, evangelism and mission work are some of Steve’s favorite activities.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-19T16:05:55"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":305481,"SpeakerName":"Steve Dickman","SpeakerFirstName":"Steve","SpeakerLastName":"Dickman","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"For the past 25 years, Steve has served in the capacity of President and General Business Manager at Harbert Hills Academy in Savannah Tennessee. Steve also serves as the ASI President and enjoys assisting Non Profit’s with developing strategies for effectiveness. Steve and his wife Brenda are parents to two grown and married daughters and have the joy of two grandsons. Encouraging supporting ministries, evangelism and mission work are some of Steve’s favorite activities.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-18T22:05:37"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9817,"SpeakerName":"Steven Grabiner","SpeakerFirstName":"Steven","SpeakerLastName":"Srabiner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steven Grabiner has a wide experience in helping leaders and their ministries learn practical ways of increasing their effectiveness. As president of Outpost Centers International (OCI), a global network of supporting ministries, he travels extensively conducting seminars on leadership principles, best board practices, and improving team dynamics. Working with more than 110 ministries worldwide has given him a wealth of experience and insight into the steps organizations can take to guide their future. He lives in Tennessee with his wife, Vivian. Their three children are serving in the Congo, Zambia, and Alaska.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Steven-Grabiner-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-27T09:05:02"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16095,"SpeakerName":"Steven Grabiner and Craig Harding","SpeakerFirstName":"Steven","SpeakerLastName":"Grabiner","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Steven Grabiner, is president of Outpost Centers International, a global network of over 120 supporting ministries. He travels extensively, conducting seminars on topics such leadership principles, apologetics and the book of Revelation. He has a wide experience in working with a variety of personalities in many different cultural settings. He lives with his wife Vivian in Tennessee, while their three children are serving in different parts of the world.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Steven-Grabiner-LG.jpg","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-06-24T12:06:51"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":1008965,"SpeakerName":"sticky church","SpeakerFirstName":"Douglas","SpeakerLastName":"Na'a","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Douglas Na’a is director of the It Is Written School of Evangelism, SALT (Soul-winning And Leadership Training)—a partnership between It Is Written and Southern Adventist University. For nearly 20 years he has served as pastor in both local and regional fields. He has conducted evangelism, revivals and training seminars throughout the world. Douglas holds a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-19T15:06:20"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9215,"SpeakerName":"Taj Pacleb","SpeakerFirstName":"Taj","SpeakerLastName":"Pacleb","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Taj Pacleb was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Growing up with no Christian background, Taj got involved in a life with no purpose or direction. But at age 16, he was invited to a prophecy seminar where the Word of God was able to penetrate his clouded mind. Through one prayer, God set him completely free from that destructive lifestyle and gave him a new high that no drug could ever compare with: knowing Jesus and making Him known to others. Currently he is living out his dream and calling by serving God as a public evangelist and revivalist, holding seminars across California. He has had the opportunity of presenting life-changing messages from God’s word on four different continents and in many other locations in the United States, helping others find the fulfillment that he found in Jesus Christ. He and his wife, Wati, live in Fresno, California","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Taj-Pacleb-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-26T17:04:42"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":984738,"SpeakerName":"That Christian Vlogger","SpeakerFirstName":"Justin","SpeakerLastName":"Khoe","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Justin Khoe is a digital missionary. Known online primarily as, “That Christian Vlogger,” his Youtube videos have been seen around the world by over two million people. With over ten years of preaching, literature evangelism, and teaching experience under his belt, Justin’s current focus is to leverage social media to help reach unchurched young adults. Cohosting the show with him is his wife, Emily. Justin and Emily aim to equip young adults to have a stronger and deeper relationship with God and to help them discover who God has created them to be. They call this way of living, “experiencing faith in the first person.”","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2018,"DateCreated":"2018-06-05T16:06:37"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":318526,"SpeakerName":"Todd Guthrie, MD","SpeakerFirstName":"Todd","SpeakerLastName":"Guthrie","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Todd Guthrie is an orthopedic surgeon living in Mount Shasta, California, who shares with his wife Patti the desire to see the good news of the gospel take off like fire in the stubble. They have four young adult children who are a great blessing. Todd is president of Adventist Medical Evangelism Network and believes that treating the whole person provides unique opportunities for sharing God's love and grace.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-26T10:05:48"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":329329,"SpeakerName":"Tom and Alane Waters","SpeakerFirstName":"Tom","SpeakerLastName":"Waters","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Tom and Alane Waters co-founded Restoration International in 1989. Their focus in every message is based on building personal relationships with God, in marriage, in parenting, and with others through Christ's power. They are very in love with each other and committed parents and grandparents. They travel extensively world wide sharing the transforming power of the Gospel; are co-hosts of 3ABN's Marriage in God's Hands; authored two books - For Better or for Best and The Powerful Potentials of Homeschool. www.restoration-international.org","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-06-01T14:06:00"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15835,"SpeakerName":"Tony Moore","SpeakerFirstName":"Tony","SpeakerLastName":"Moore","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Elder Tony Moore has been a committed follower of Jesus since 1972 when he was converted at a Rolling Stones concert in Charlotte, NC. He has served as a Bible Instructor, Church Planter, and Pastor. In 2004 he launched the Biblical World, a media ministry dedicated to creating fresh witnessing materials including “The Footsteps of Paul” and “Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus.” He enjoys teaching about the Bible lands on location and lives in Southern California with his wife Helen.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-26T12:05:25"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9141,"SpeakerName":"Ty Gibson","SpeakerFirstName":"Ty","SpeakerLastName":"Gibson","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Ty Gibson is co-director of Light Bearers, an international publishing, media, and teaching ministry, and pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, Oregon. A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty teaches around the world on a variety of topics, emphasizing God’s unfailing love as the central theme of the biblical narrative. His most recent creative work is the web-based video project digma.com, offering short, story-based messages designed for searching unbelievers. He has authored eight books, including his most recent best-selling release, A God Named Desire.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Ty-Gibson-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-15T13:04:19"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9091,"SpeakerName":"Vicki Griffin","SpeakerFirstName":"Vicki","SpeakerLastName":"Griffin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Vicki Griffin, MS, MPA, is the director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series, the Balanced Living PowerPoint series, and the Fit & Free! Building Brain and Body Health series. She is the director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and the editor of Balance Magazine and Balanced Living tracts. Vicki lectures and travels worldwide sharing the lifestyle link to better mental, physical, and spiritual health.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Vicki-Griffin-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-04-07T16:04:53"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":314882,"SpeakerName":"Vicki Griffin, MS, Human Nutrition and Evelyn Kissinger, RD, MS","SpeakerFirstName":"Vicki","SpeakerLastName":"Griffin","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Vicki Griffin, MS, Human Nutrition, MPA Vicki is the Director Lifestyle Matters and the Director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and the Editor of Balance Magazine and Balanced Living PowerPoints and Tracts. Evelyn Kissinger, MS, RD Evelyn is the Nutrition Director for Lifestyle Matters and co-producer of all the Lifestyle Matters materials and programs. She is also the Director of Lifestyle Matters at Work, a corporate wellness program.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2017,"DateCreated":"2017-05-23T18:05:50"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15873,"SpeakerName":"Viriato Ferreira, MD","SpeakerFirstName":"Viriato","SpeakerLastName":"Ferreira","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Served as a missionary doctor in Africa. Now living in Portugal where he serves as president of the Portuguese Association of Preventive Medicine – VitaSalus, a supporting ministry that operates a lifestyle center and two outpatient medical clinics. Health Ministries director at the EUD from 2006 to 2014. Associate director of Health Ministries at the General Conference until July 2015, and thereafter in an honorary capacity. President of ASI Europe since 2015. Viriato and his wife, Marianne, share a passion for a blended ministry involving lay-members, supporting ministries and the Church organization.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-31T06:05:52"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":9287,"SpeakerName":"Wayne Atwood","SpeakerFirstName":"Wayne","SpeakerLastName":"Atwood","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Wayne Atwood lives in Québec, Canada, where he has been a business owner and entrepreneur. He is currently ASI vice president for communication and president of Better Living (Mieux Vivre), a supporting ministry that produces French radio and television programs. He and his wife, Isabelle, are the parents of three children. He speaks fluent English and French. Wayne is passionate about sharing Christ in his marketplace.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"http://files.asiministries.org/presenters/Wayne-Atwood-LG.jpg","Year":2015,"DateCreated":"2015-05-07T16:05:07"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":15828,"SpeakerName":"Wes Peppers","SpeakerFirstName":"Wes","SpeakerLastName":"Peppers","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Wes Peppers serves as pastor of the Lansing SDA Church in the Michigan Conference and formerly as the Amazing Facts Global Coordinator. He became a Seventh-Day Adventist at 22 after being an atheist for several years. As a two type cancer survivor at age 28, he has a powerful testimony of God's goodness and a renewed passion for His message. His desire is to lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and teach them how to share Him with others.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-05-25T22:05:27"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":16873,"SpeakerName":"World Church Leaders","SpeakerFirstName":"Church","SpeakerLastName":"Leaders","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Coming soon.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":2016,"DateCreated":"2016-07-22T11:07:22"},{"ConventionSpeakerId":13281,"SpeakerName":"","SpeakerFirstName":"Shoshon","SpeakerLastName":"Tama-Sweet","Position":"","Organization":"","SpeakerBio":"Shoshon Tama-Sweet is the Director of Global Impact with These Numbers have Faces, and a founder of Adventist Faith Impact, an NGO that works with Adventist refugees in the the United Nations Camps in Rwanda. Prior to his work in Africa, he served as Executive Director for a public advocacy ministry that worked to change state laws regarding hunger, homelessness, and human trafficking.","OrganizationWebsite":"","SpeakerThumbnailURL":"","Year":,"DateCreated":"2015-07-23T18:07:55"}]